Predestination and prayer

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Re: Predestination and prayer


Post by Philip » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:24 pm

Yes, Paul, absolutely!
Paul: He decided that ALL that believe in Christ will be saved and that happens to include, Paul Sacramento because he CHOSE to believe in Christ.
Notice the underlined portion above - this is why no one could believe without the things God first decided to do beforehand: A) to save those He will, and to punish those He will not, and B) that He decided to save those who would believe and place their faith in Himself/Christ, and C) He decided to make us free beings that could exercise between available choices, and D) He made the choice of Himself/Christ available by what He would do on the Cross and His Resurrection, and E) because He decided to give us a the right to make our own decisions about whether to reject or embrace Him, F) He would do all necessary (in HIS timing) for anyone so willing to know what they need to so as to make that decision for Christ, G) But WE don't get to choose were our eternal choice will lead - He did, and made all of these decisions as to how He would work and interact in the lives of humans, and He did so before time or humans were created.

Lastly, God's decisions are not made with any NEW information, as He's FOREVER known what His future actions would be toward us. He is not like a man who gets or needs new information before making decisions. In fact, God knows ALL things, for ALL time, ALL at once, and He has ALWAYS known everything in all times and dimensions: As He is God and is ALL-knowing! He cannot be surprised or learn of something He hasn't always known of. He cannot even surprise Himself - because EVERYTHING God is, He has ALWAYS been - never less or more - He does not change or gain anything new or lose anything. And He is unlimited in what He is capable of. But the Book of Life that contains the names of all persons of all time who will end up in Heaven - God has ALWAYS known the names on that list - not because HE chose people's eternal destinations for them, but because His foreknowledge allows Him to perfectly knows all future things and decisions people will ever make!

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