Parents' rights and children vs. the sexual / gender agenda

Discussion for Christian perspectives on ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, sexuality, and so forth.
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Parents' rights and children vs. the sexual / gender agenda


Post by Philip »

I’m posting this important article link, not per political party preferences, but per the horrific agenda many in politics (some are in ALL parties) that are pursuing their desires to take away parental rights and control in teaching their children about our God-given instructions concerning morality, sexuality and gender vs. those in government (WHATEVER their party affiliations) who are intent upon taking those rights away, and terribly hurting (some even being mutilated) countless children in the process! WE ALL NEED TO WAKE UP!!!

(Please do NOT assume this to be an endorsement of the commentator or his network! So, any discussions need to be addressed in WHAT is happening and its immorality, and NOT which specific politicians and parties are pursuing it - wrong is WRONG - doesn't matter who is pursuing it!)

You can either read the article or watch the video: ... -education
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