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The Tree


Post by UsagiTsukino »

The bible tells us that Adam and Eve sinned by taking the eat from the tree of knowledge. But if we accept that Adam and Eve weren't the first humans in a sense. Is the tree an allegory ? If so what is it an allegory of?
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Re: The Tree


Post by Philip »

Usagi, Adam and Eve were real people, with some of their offspring noted, and are referred to as actual humans God interacted with, in other parts of the Bible. As IF they were not real, then their fall (and sin) would be fiction - but as they were real people, the tree was real as well. Note also that the ancestry of Christ, found in the New Testament, traced Jesus' human line back to Adam.
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Re: The Tree


Post by Armyman »

I think it's both. Genesis is interesting in how it does that. Tells literal events and truths but morphs it into a symbolic meaning also.
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