False "Christian" Teachings: Kenneth Copeland

Discussions surrounding the various other faiths who deviate from mainstream Christian doctrine such as LDS and the Jehovah's Witnesses.
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False "Christian" Teachings: Kenneth Copeland


Post by Philip »


It's incredible how easily some false teachers are deceiving so many people with false assertions about God, the Bible, etc:

Here's one who is absolutely dangerous, and hopefully this will awaken some how some of his teachings dramatically conflict with those of Scripture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl1WvKfY5ow
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Re: False "Christian" Teachings: Kenneth Copeland


Post by Stu »

I would hate to be one of the MANY false Christian teachers when Jesus arrives and they get their "rewards" in the afterlife.

It saddens me just as much as it makes me angry at what people like this say about God and the Bible. Leading so so many astray. So sad.
The people of these mega churches will have no clue about the end times. Many of these "pastors" never even preach about sin or the forgiveness thereof.
Only when the blood runs and the shackles restrain, will the sheep then awake. When all is lost.
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