What the Bible Says about Heaven!

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What the Bible Says about Heaven!


Post by Philip »



Here is a fascinating video interview with Randy Alcorn, the author of his book, "Heaven." In it, as in his book, he answers common questions about Heaven and the New Earth from a Scriptural basis. The interviewer is Sean McDowell, son of famed Christian apologist Josh McDowell. Alcorn spent a very long time researching Scripture, commentaries, and also getting input from Biblical scholars and theologians in writing his book. Some of it is necessarily speculative, but it's all Biblically based. He answers questions about whether Heaven will be a physical world or whether we'll just be spirits floating about. Or whether their will be animals, kings or cities there. Does EVERYONE eventually go there? Do you get there by being good enough? Etc! It's not the place in the clouds one might have thought. Atheists sometimes suggest the Bible teaches a Heaven that will be like one eternal and very boring church service - what a huge lie!

Oh, and please tell me what you think - whether about the video or his book!

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4cUjSV4BqU


https://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Randy-Alc ... C90&sr=1-1
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Re: What the Bible Says about Heaven!


Post by 1over137 »

I hope in Heaven I will learn from God what this Quantum Physics is all about. What is behind it. How world was created and what kind of laws were established. :shock:
But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.
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