The Truth Surrounding The Big Bang

Discussion about scientific issues as they relate to God and Christianity including archaeology, origins of life, the universe, intelligent design, evolution, etc.
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The Truth Surrounding The Big Bang


Post by trulyenlightened » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:02 am

Topic 3: The Truth Surrounding the Big Bang

Prior to the instant of the Big Bang, our tools for understanding this event are scientifically useless. Since all math and physics principles break down at the level of the Planck Unit(Planck energy, Planck time, Planck length, Planck mass, and Planck temperature). By analyzing the results on the Graviton experiments at CERN and the LHC, we hope to discover new scientific tools to enable us to probe further into the origin of the Universe. The math and physics break down at the Planck Scale because of Quantum Fluctuation and the Uncertainty Principle. This is a phenomenon that appears in the Quantum Field Theory, and the Standard Model(the equations that are used to predict the behavior of the known elementary particles and their forces). Since gravity on a macro scale is necessary to explain the behavior of macro objects, it is theorized that Quantum Gravity is necessary to explain Quantum Flux, or maybe circumvent the Uncertainty Principle. There are several candidates supporting the consistency of the theory of Quantum Gravity. They are, String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Spacetime, Quantum Vacuum, and others. However, to test these models is extremely difficult, considering the extremely small scales that are involved. But it is not impossible, since science also employs inductive and deductive reasoning. The most promising approach to experimentally probing for the existence of Quantum Gravity, is to look for small imprints left by Planck-scale physics, in the inflationary CMB, and their subsequent structure formation. These imprints have already been predicted and calculated. I won't go into the approach that I favor more(Loop Quantum Gravity), or its advantages over the others. Suffice to say, we ARE on the verge of many new discoveries at this level. Let's move on.

The Earth is over 13.8 Billion light years away from the beginning of the BB(based on the calculations of CMBR). That same spot is now 46 Billion light years away. This means that the diameter of the entire Universe is 92 Billion light years across. Remember, all that has happened, or will happen, exist within the distance of 92 Billion light years. Or do you even understand the significance of why time is only relative? Also remember, that our Universe began from a Quantum vacuum, caused by Quantum fluctuation, at the Planck scale of reality. It is also important to know that everything that we know about our Universe began at T= Zero.

After the moment of T = Zero, space and time were born. This is what we call the BB. It was an unusual and counterintuitive event, that was not really an explosion. It was an accelerated expansion of not only space and time, but also set the stage for all PHYSICAL LAWS. At the initial instance of the BB, light and space did not exist. There was no outside of the BB, there was only the inside. It was just a very tiny and ultra hot fog of energy. This Universe at T= Zero was very tiny and very strange, and all standard concepts of time and space did not really apply. Then the Universe did something strange, IT SUDDENLY EXPANDED. From smaller than an atom, to the size of an orange, in less than a trillionth of a second. In the first Billionth of a second the strong and weak forces became distinct from other elementary particles. Remember if it were not for there being more matter particles than antimatter particles in the Universe, we would not be here today(just 1 out of every Billion survived). In the next one hundred seconds it was as big as our solar system, and trillions of miles across. To cut to the chase. It took over 300,000 years before hydrogen and helium atoms could capture an electron, to form a stable atom. It was after a 100 million years of Dark Age, before the first star could shine, and herald in the Stellar Age. 600 Millions years later, the first Galaxy was formed. New galaxies formed over billions of years later. Around 4 Billion years later the first population of stars formed. Around 4 Billion years later Earth and our sun were forming. Over 4 Billion years later life began here on Earth. 1 Billion years from now our Sun will be 10% larger, and will raise the temperature of the surface of the Earth. This will evaporate our oceans and extinguish most if not all life on the planet. No one will be around in the next 4-5 Billion years to witness the collision of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy, racing towards each other at 250,000 mph. So, whether you believe in the big Rip(Dark Energy) or the big Freeze(infinite expansion) in the next 10's of Trillions of years, NO LIFE WILL EVER EXIST AGAIN IN THIS UNIVERSE. This Heat-Death of the Universe is because energy will be spread out so thin throughout the Universe, that there won't be enough of it to perform any work at all.

This truth surrounding the BB is only from a scientific perspective. My personal opinion is, that life is incredibly precious and special. It would be such a terrible and tragic waste of life, not to experience every precious moments we do have. But I could be wrong, and science could also be wrong. I truly want to be wrong! Don

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