"Frozen" is gay propaganda? Huh?

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"Frozen" is gay propaganda? Huh?


Post by YoungApolegist » Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:17 pm

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/1 ... 37192.html

I have seen the movie many times, and so far the themes I have gotten from the movie go along the lines of accepting yourself and not being afraid of what makes you special. The movie doesn't "turn" people gay, and I think that any reference to bestiality is unintentional.

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Re: "Frozen" is gay propaganda? Huh?


Post by Ivellious » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:37 pm

People will find all kinds of reasons to hate certain things, even if it requires some serious stretching of the imagination to reach that point. Because Hollywood films have a tendency to have themes contrary to the beliefs of ultra-conservative religious folk, blockbuster movies are a big target for that sect of people to rage against. Movies aimed at children, like Frozen, are even more closely scrutinized because some, like the guy in the article you link, think kids movies are just a tool to destroy Christianity in our kids or something like that.

The issues ultra-conservative people have with Frozen pretty much echoes all the controversies those same people have stirred up over all kinds of other kids-themed media out there. They try to ban Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and numerous other books for their depictions of magic, violence, and sort-of adult themes in the same way.

I actually think it's kind of ironic that the conservative talking heads bash Frozen, because I actually thought the themes of the film were incredibly positive and not terribly progressive at all. Staying true to yourself and your beliefs, the importance of family (especially siblings), the idea that rushing into romance (and by extension, sexual activity) can have disastrous results, and the very pro-girl power message are all extremely positive things in my opinion, regardless of your political slant.

To me, the whole "homosexual agenda" thing in this case requires quite a stretch, because the "be ok with yourself" theme is simply so broad that it can technically apply to any quality a person might have. Heck, you could argue that a religious household could use that message to teach kids that it's ok to be proud of your religious beliefs, even if others don't share them. And yeah, the bestiality thing is such a nitpicky thing to pull out, it's obvious that he was just making it up at that point.

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Re: "Frozen" is gay propaganda? Huh?


Post by PaulSacramento » Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:21 am

The point of Frozen was that LOVE conquers all.
Elsa had a gift, a very dangerous gift and her parents reacted wrongly, they overreacted and were over protective and it caused things to get worse, not better.
They were warned that fear of this gift would be the biggest danger.
It is about embracing what makes us, US and we ALL have things that make us a little different than everyone else and sometimes those gifts CAN be dangerous.
I agree with what Ivellious wrote, that there are many good messages in the movie:
Don't rush into marriage/relationships, empowering young women, the danger of over protecting/sheltering kids, be wary of people that tell you what you wanna hear, etc..

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