Are the Father and Son both Christ?

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Are the Father and Son both Christ?


Post by Anonymous » Mon Feb 21, 2005 11:59 am

I believe God is the sum of the spiritual bodies. However, Jesus is the only begotten one; we are adopted. Many people still waltz about in shadows, not realizing the immense love God has for us. We are sons of God; but we are adopted. Christ is born. God is spirit--all the spiritual bodies. Or, rather, man refers to mankind, and God refers to spiritkind.

There is a soul to us. The soul lives/dwells in the clothing of the human flesh. It is the clothing that make it possible to dwell in this world. A body wears clothing to make it capable to thrive in an environment (ie. I wear heavy coats to be able to function and thrive in very cold weather). Likewise, the soul needs a flesh body in order to thrive/dwell in this earth. However, because the earth is being destroyed, and the clothing is made out of it for it, likewise, the clothing dies. So, the soul needs to find new clothing if it loses its present clothing (the human body which ages and then destructs after dying).
So, then, if a soul clothes itself with a spirit, instead of flesh, then when the flesh destructs and fades away, the spirit remaining will be its new clothing. Spirits dwell/live/are clothing for heaven. So when all these elements disappear with a roar, in which all the flesh and earthy elements are destroyed by the fire, you see how fire from heaven will be exposed to every single one of us.

If the soul is clothed with a flesh body, and inside the flesh body it is clothed with a spirit, then when everything is destroyed by fire, if a soul is not born again/doesn't have a spirit, then the soul is exposed to the environment like a naked human in Antarctica, or like a naked fireman in a blazing inferno. Judgment Day is basically the removal of this womb/present physical realm/creation, which us fetuses (souls) are growing/dwelling in. Judgment is when the fires/climate/environment of the eternal new earth/heaven are exposed, and the flesh body will disappear/burn up/decompose/destruct/cremate, and only the spirit will remain, because the spirit is that which is capable/suitable clothing to allow the soul to prosper in the environment. If our souls are clothed in a spirit, we are capable of thriving in the environment/living.

However, remember that the new earth/heaven and likewise the spiritual body of this new life is eternal. Unlike earth, we don't ever shed or lose it. It doesn't perish, rot, decay, rust, or destroy. Just like a fetus/new-born baby coming out of the womb, all the light of the outside world gives it life, as it is now freed from the shadow of its mother's body. Likewise, our spirits are fetuses in the darkness of the womb of the physical/earthy elemental realm. This physical body and all material in this life is considered mother earth.

Now, as the mother, which we grow in, a spirit is never meant to remain in its mother forever. Likewise, the Father who impregnates the mother allows a baby/body to be conceived. The Father (our Father) is the Holy Spirit, and the mother is basically all earthy/elemental material in this present realm to which our souls are living. My soul lives in my body. I will stop being technically correct here for a minute and speak as if my soul could speak, "I am not my human body or flesh. I live in this physical body. This physical body allows me to be fit and live in this environment called earth. When my physical human, named Brian, this clothing which makes it possible to thrive and function and dwell in this climate called life wears out and dies, I, the soul, will certainly need new clothing, lest I be naked and go exposed to a blizzardy climate to wear and tear me apart. So, when my clothing, named Brian, a human, wears out and dies, I will have a spirit. This spirit will be born, just as my human was born out of the darkness of my mother's womb, and I will open its eyes to live and dwell and be clothed as a soul in the spirit."

Likewise, the end is Judgment Day, because all these elements will disappear and be destroyed by the fire. This fire is the new earth! The new earth is, pratically, hell. However, if you (now, when I say you, I refer to your soul, so forgive me if this confuses you, as it is not technically correct since it is your physical/human body/clothing reading this) have a spiritual body, then you will not be exposed to the fire or the blizzard naked. Just as we need muscles, tissues, food, fingers, energy, etc. that makes this present human body (clothing) possible and desirable for living here on earth, so the blizzard that is heaven (new earth) will be like burning dry-ice to you, the soul, if you don't have a coat to protect against it.

So, hell is not necessarily apart from heaven (new earth), in fact, I bet hell is heaven, however, if you have the proper clothing/protection from its climate, it will be like a beautiful spring day with flowers. But if you don't have the proper clothing (the spirit body), then you will be like a naked man in spring, sitting out on a cold lawn chair, and freezing your butt off--don't be fooled by the interchangable usage of "freezing" and "burning". They are both fair descriptions, because when cold and hot become severe, the sensation still feels like burning (frost-bite, 3rd degree burns, etc. are equally wretched to experience/sense).

Okay. Now. God is the spirit, just as Adam is the man. This physical realm is the Mother, the Father is the spiritual realm (heaven).
In the physical realm (earth), there are many people--many bodies for a soul to clothe itself with and so live here in. In the spiritual realm (new earth/heaven), there are many spirits for a soul to clothe itself with and so live in.

This is why it is necessary to know that the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, etc. are the same being. Man (Adam) gave rise/life to Jesus, the physical body/clothing. God (Holy Spirit) gave rise/life to the Spirit, the firstborn/first spirit to live in heaven.

See, Christ is the soul of the firstborn in heaven. Adam is the firstborn on earth. Because the spiritual realm is so far exceeding in our current knowledge, it is difficult to speak plainly to you since we are still descendents of Adam, the human. Until our souls depart from our bodies, we will never be able to speak plainly--and, of course, unless we both have spirits, otherwise I can't talk to you with a spirit body if you, the soul (I refer to "you" as your soul here, not "you" as the physical human reading this), don't have a likewise spirit for me to converse with!
So, then, Jesus, the human flesh, is called the Son of Man. This is what God refers to as his body/clothing when it was still living flesh (before it was crucified), to whom we know is named Jesus (the Christ/Messiah prophecied about in the Old Testament; and yes, he is still our Lord, so don't even suggest I am trying to downplay him), borne of Mary.

So, then, since Christ (the Spirit) is the "Adam" of the spiritual bodies, the procedure/current situation of his existence is different from those who follow. We were born of woman, whereas Adam was not. Likewise, we wait for Judgment day for our spirits to be glorified, whereas Christ already is glorified. Just as Adam is the father of all men (Father of Man), so in heaven the Holy Spirit is the father (Father) of all spirits (Father of God).

So, then, until Jesus was glorified (just as a fetus/baby is never a child or newborn until it is born out of the womb, and likewise a child is never an adult until it becomes an adult) by resurrection/maturing into the Holy Spirit, he was not the Son of God. He was the Son of Man. Likewise, the Father, speaking through the body of Jesus, could not call himself the Holy Spirit, or God, or the Son of God, or the Father, because that would be the flesh of Jesus speaking. Flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom of God. Just as Jesus was never named Jesus until he was born (left Mary's womb), so until Jesus died (and we all know how he died--he was crucified) and the Father left the physical/earthy material/realm, which is Mother earth, there is no way for Jesus to call himself the Holy Spirit (the Counselor), or the Father, until he was no longer bound by flesh and blood.

Likewise, Jesus (God's flesh body) was called "Rabbi", or, "Teacher". So, just as when Jesus was a fetus, he was not named Jesus or called "Teacher", even though it was still the same person, until God left his flesh when he died (the Holy Spirit left the flesh body, called Jesus), God could not be glorified to be called the Holy Spirit, or, the "Counselor". Now, this Counselor is with us forever. He communicates with our spirits through the spirit body, named Holy Spirit. Just as when our souls leave our flesh (my soul's body is named Brian), I will be living in my spirit body. This spirit is eternal clothing, which makes it possible and gracefully perfect to live in the new earth/heaven.

Likewise, the term "Father" is used because the Holy Spirit, being the "Adam" of all spirit bodies, is in fact the one and only eternal Father. Since our souls never leave our spirits, because the spiritual clothing is imperishable, the New Adam (which is the glorified version/form of God after Jesus died and is now the Holy Spirit) will in fact be living with us, and us with Him, for all eternity. Just as if Adam never died, we'd still be living with him, as our father, and he with us. However, the flesh does wear out, because God wasn't pleased with earth--no, all that is pleasurable here he decided he could make 7 times better; this is the new earth (called heaven), and the new bodies are called spirits.

So, then, Jesus (the flesh form the Father was in) is the Son of Man (human), and the Holy Spirit is the Son of God (the Father). Jesus, the flesh form of God, is called, "Son of Man", because it descended from man, and is also called the "Son", because without a son there is no father, because a father is not a father without a son, and likewise if a son has no father, it is no longer referred to as a son--but would simply be God. Likewise, when Jesus said, "My God, my God, why have you foresaken me?", he descended into hell. He said this because at this time there is no longer anymore Father or Son, because when he leaves the flesh, there is no reason to refer to it as "Son and Father", because God is no longer bound by the rules/technicality/truth, which made him expressing it so much deeper than we could realize, since if God, formless and nonhuman, lives in/wears a flesh covering/clothing, then when he speaks thruogh it, we receive, with our language and everything, the earthly form/man and rules/technicality. So, God cannot call himself God while speaking from a human mouth.

Likewise, he uses "Father" and "Son" to get the point across that it is the same entity. When we are no longer bound by human language and earthly truth, then the Father (which is the Holy Spirit, or, in other words, God's flesh form whereas the Son, which our flesh bodies refer to this flesh body as Jesus, is the flesh form/covering/clothing of God) will speak to us plainly. A human can speak to other humans correctly. So, how does a soul speak to other souls, when the middle-man we use to communicate to each other are our flesh bodies? Well, this is why the gospel and the Bible goes very deep. Likewise, the Father is simply the Holy Spirit (God's spiritual body/form). This Spirit we call "Counselor", just as we called to God, when he was in the flesh of Jesus, "Teacher". Now, Jesus because the "Son of Man", or, the human flesh, then if the Father (the Holy Spirit--or, God's spiritual form) is called, "Son of God", then you see how no matter what, God is God because he uses such perfect speech, terminology, etc. that no matter how you see it, at what angle, everything still boils down to the same God, and the same and single entity.

Likewise, if the Son sets us free, as humans like him, then we will also follow/growup in his likeness and when we die (lose our flesh body/covering), our souls will be like him as He was glorified, and as He is now known as the Holy Spirit (or, the Father). So, then, as the Holy Spirit is the "Son of God", you see that we will all be sons of God--just as Jesus is the "Son of Man", and we likewise, as humans, are also sons of men. We will be adopted, to be God's children, descended from and living eternally with the Holy Spirit, our single and same Father.

It's so brilliant. I wish I could explain more. But, I'll just say some few last things: In the Father's house there are many rooms. Okay, so if our present flesh is the temple of the living God, in which the spirit lives in, then the soul, living in the spirit, makes our spirit bodies "rooms". Because, as clothing/covering for our souls to live in, the spirits are technically like rooms. Therefore, the house being the new earth (heaven if you have a spirit, and it's hell if you don't), the Father (the Holy Spirit) who gives life to us all like Adam gave like to our flesh bodies, and being our Father, He is the Lord. Likewise, it's still the same house, as the new earth (heaven) and our rooms are our spirits. Therefore, when Jesus "goes to the Father", he means, when he dies and is glorified/becomes the Holy Spirit, he will indeed prepare rooms for us to live in--just as a father impregnates and then gives, cares for, feeds, etc. his children's flesh bodies, so the Father (our spirit body's father/dad) will prepare our souls a room to live in (give us a spirit body).

Anyway, in case anyone wonders what then spirits look like, since humans look like monkeys and whatnot, I can tell you that we have a silver cord. This is our umbelica cord which connects our spirits to the physical realm (Mother earth, or, the present elemental universe). Likewise, the Father, outside of this womb, is in the light of the outside world/life, whereas us fetuses are endarkened by the body of the womb of our Mother. Our spirits' eyes are closed, like a baby in the womb, and we cannot see the outside world until we are born (separate) from the elements/Mother earth.

So, then, since Christ, like Adam, is already outside in this light of life, the new earth (heaven), whereas we await to be descended from him (see, Adam wasn't born of woman, although he was naturally on earth and living, whereas we had to be conceived into Eve's womb (our human mothers) and then wait to be born before we could live with Adam and Eve, outside, alive, and on earth)--or, adopted as sons of God. Moreover, Christ is already bright, white, dressed in a robe, and glowing like burnished bronze. We, however, I believe, will not be glorified, like Christ, until Judgment Day comes (Judgment Day is rebirth, I believe...the great rebirth, or, simply, birth, in which our souls, in our spirit bodies inside this womb of elements leave/are born into the new earth--or, heaven).
See, Christ is already in the new earth (or, the Father a.k.a. the Holy Spirit is already in the new earth/heaven preparing it for us), so the light, environment, etc. is already on Him, which is why He (the Holy Spirit now) is glowing like burnished bronze, and white like light. Therefore, I believe, since our umbelica cords are silver, that the rest of our spirit bodies are, in fact, silver. So, be prepared if you die before Judgment Day to see yourself, or, your skin/body, all silvery and shiny. Then, when all of us spirits leave this womb of elements/physical material, those of us whose souls are clothed with spirit bodies, when we lose our physical bodies and enter into the new earth, will receive all the bright light and environment of the new earth/heaven, just as a baby leaves its mother's body and enters into the light, air, etc. of this present world, or, earth.

Likewise, I believe that when this happens, our silvery spirits will be purified by the baptism of fire (which is the destruction/birth of our spirits--just as when we are born out of our moms, her water breaks and we are born of water into life), or, being born of fire, and our silvery bodies will be so greatly glorified and glowing, like burnished or molten silver/magma.

I wonder, then, if all those people who see UFOs are seeing spirits bodies; since most UFOs are normally depicted as gray and dull (like silver yet refined). Who knows. Will be interesting to see. Praise the Father, in Jesus Christ's name! God bless, I hope you learned something.

Remember, likewise, how Adam and Eve (a man and a woman) become one flesh if they have intercourse. Likewise, the Father and the Son would be "one", in regards to the mother earth (physical realm/elements), and so also give us better insight as to the mystery of God. You can run with that idea all you want, I won't go much further.

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Post by Poetic_Soul » Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:21 pm

Way too deep for me, but I like the thought process behind it. Don't get me wrong. I understand what you're saying. It's just too much info for me to take in.

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Post by Anonymous » Tue Feb 22, 2005 7:49 am

As humans, the way to the Father is through the human (Jesus Christ)--the crucified body of God. So, don't avoid reaching the Father through the crucifixion.

Anyhow, if you avoid looking in the mirror or at your own body or anything in regards to your outward self, you can begin to redistinguish the soul from the body--if indeed this is what you are having problems with, I'd advise it.

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