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Re: What happens to Christians who join Masons?

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:24 pm
by thatkidakayoungguy
Philip wrote:Image
i wanna drive one :lol:

Re: What happens to Christians who join Masons?

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:10 pm
by Blessed
Liffa wrote:My son knows a lot about cults - I was in one for awhile and rededicated my life to Christ after leaving. He was raised to love Jesus, was saved at around age 9, baptized, and is a believer. In fact he recently reaffirmed that to my sister. He has been decieived by friends and recruited into Masonry. He is reluctant to talk to me and his father about it because he knows we feel it is a false religion. He agreed to read a book we have for him and have a conversation about it but is now trying to back out. I have been successful at getting people out of cults, in fact it was my life's work for many years and I am so crushed this happened to my own son. I know it is hard for family members to exit counsel their own loved ones and sometimes a third party is necessary - kids, even grown ones never like to hear from their parents that they have made mistakes, so I know my husband and I have our work cut out for us. I have read information about Masonry until my eyes are bloodshot. We are praying and have prayer support from others. But what if we fail to convince him to withdraw from the group? I know he is saved - no doubt in my mind, but isn't following a false religion going apostate and won't he lose his salvation? I believe in eternal security, but isn't apostasy an exception?

I have no more tears left to cry and am numb at the thought we won't spend eternity together. We are a close family and this is tearing us apart but my husband and I can simply not condone this action and we are going to present the truth in love to him. Can anyone tell me if my son is in danger of hell if he remains in this idolatrous group even though I have absolutely no doubts he was saved as s young boy and continued to walk with the Lord. Thank you.
I'm really sorry to hear about this and I don't know if this will help or what is going on. I would ask you not to worry.

Because it's important to understand that the Masons, what they were, compared to what they are today, is a joke. I judge Masonry by it's members and I can only go on my limited experience but there seems to be a common thread:

1) Old men who want to feel important
2) People in everyday professions are allowed to join. Realtors, Car salesmen, Hot Dog Cart owners.

These are not rich powerful important people who have deviated from Christianity to join a cult. Many if not most, are Monotheists. They join the lodge to feel important.

But the organization today, from a worldly point of view (power, string pulling) is a joke and the cult type activity of the past is gone. It would be no more different than joining a rich only tennis club where the members get your information and "decide" if you are "worthy" enough to join.

The conspiracy nonsense does not match the people I've met who are members. Again this is only my experience. These members included, a Realtor Bum Salesmen (who identifies as Christian but is a compulsive liar who constantly belittles his wife even though he is so so so overweight he cannot even make it up the stairs to the second story without huffing and puffing ... oh but he is sooooo important becauwe he is a member of the masonic lodge with a red ring ooooohhho oooooohhho) and a alcoholic contruction workeron food stamps pretending he owns and business paying 3 baby mammas who picked this winner to reproduce with the guy has been arrested multiple times for failure to pay child supoprt, drunk and disorderly, bounced checks etc) and other guy who is just a nepotist bum working for daddy who got a free ride though life. These are the "top secret" "rich and powerful" masonic men who with "Eyes Wide Shut" (movie with Tom Cruise, don't watch it if you have kids) who secrety "run the world" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Not sure how it works in different chapters and lodges but from what I saw it was a complete joke and not anti Christian in the least. Again this is just my person experience. Hope everything works out for you.

Re: What happens to Christians who join Masons?

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:15 pm
by Blessed
Philip wrote:Image
Aha ha ha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

These are the men who run the world. Look nicer than I've seen in person though honestly.

Now I'm guilty of "judging" and "sin" and going to hell.. Darnit I just can't think anything without sinning can I.