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Re: The refutation of a refutation : Gap Theory

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:22 pm
by abelcainsbrother
As you can see I have refuted YEC's who claim (bara) and (asah) are interchangeable or mean the same thing. They do not,so remember this the next time you read on AIG,etc or hear some YEC teach this. You now know they are wrong. But something you may not be aware of is even in English created and made do not mean the same thing and are not interchangeable just like in Hebrew.It is still true in English that only God can create something out of nothing and that created means something new and things were made by God out of pre-existing materials,things can only be made by man but God both created and made things in Genesis 1.

This is one reason why I accept the Gap Theory because when I listen to YEC's teach they are interchangeable as a way to prop up YEC and try to prove Gap Theorists wrong and I look into it to find out for myself,it is YEC's that are the ones wrong and Gap Theorists are right about it. This is just another example of how YEC's have taught wrong things in order to promote YEC.It is aggravating when you find out.