The Gap theory

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Re: The Gap theory


Post by DBowling » Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:22 am

abelcainsbrother wrote:
DBowling wrote:
RickD wrote:
Audie wrote: Tricky, like erasing all evidence of the flood.
And, stop throwing out the stupid global flood straw man crap. I told you I don't believe in a global flood, so there wouldn't be any evidence for one.
BTW... the lack of physical evidence for an aleged 'global flood' is another problem with the Gap Theory.

YEC and the Gap Theory both assert a 'Global Flood' for which there is no geological evidence. They just place their global floods at different times in history.

In Christ
The difference is Gap Theorists make a much better argument for a global flood than YEC's have. YEC's are the reason so many people reject a global flood.Gap Theorists make a much better case for Noah's flood both biblically and scientifically.
Let me repeat... from a Biblical perspective there is zero Scriptural evidence for a pre-Genesis 1:2 flood.
The Gap Theory incorrectly claims that Peter (in 2 Peter 3) is inventing a new doctrine about a new flood that is mentioned nowhere else in Scripture.

But we've already been back and forth on that topic a couple of times already.
I'm more interested in your statement about the scientific evidence for the Gap Theory flood.

I have two questions about the scientific evidence for the Gap Theory flood/cataclysm.
1. What is the date that the Gap Theory global flood allegedly took place?
(I believe the answer is somewhere around 6000 years ago... is that correct?)
2. What scientific articles or journals provide physical evidence for a global flood in that time frame?

In Christ

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Re: The Gap theory


Post by Audie » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:00 am

I think the way it works is that any studies that show there was no flood are done by godless secularists who are in the grip of an evolutionist paradigm, and thus they take the SEDI (same evidence, different interpretation) route into the bitter swamps of false science and deception.
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Re: The Gap theory


Post by abelcainsbrother » Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:09 pm

I just saw this article from the Washington Post about 3.7 billion year old fossils that shows that life was on the earth from the beginning. Which is exactly what the Gap theory interpretation of creation says and we believe the bible teaches us Genesis 1:1,Isaiah 45:18,Job 38:4-7,etc. We have already seen new discoveries in science that shows the earth had water on it from the beginning also because of zircon crystals that are formed in water and the earth was not the molten lava hell that has always been believed and now it seems we have evidence of life now also in the beginning when God created it.

It really seems to me that as more is discovered by science it is confirming Gap Theory creationism true. We do not and have never believed God created the earth in a empty and waste state and then decorated it but he created it perfect and with life from the very beginning but judgment was poured out on the former world because of Lucifer's sin and rebellion and the earth became empty and waste because of it Genesis 1:2.But God created the earth perfect and with life from the beginning and even cooler is when secular science that is totally ignoring the bible and looks at and examines everything from an evolution perspective are making discoveries that are confirming the bible God's word true,without trying to. ... /#comments
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