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video interview Michael Behe- professor john McWhorter

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 6:55 pm
by bippy123
This is an amazing interview between theistic evolutionists/intelligent design advocate Michael Behe and linguist Professor John McWhorter of Columbia university .

What fascinated me most about this interview is that the professor McWhorter is an atheist but a very open minded atheist and admits that he came closer to believing in God from reading Michael behes books then he ever did in his life .

But he admitted that he doesn’t want to believe in God because he doesn’t like change .

I have become a
Fan of professor McWhorter because he is a centrist who isn’t afraid to speak his mind to both the left and the right when he feels there has been a wrong doing . In other words he’s a
Non conformist who doesn’t blindly follow thebwocietal norms like a
Blind sheep.

I really enjoyed this interview