Little Eddie cuomo - amazing peak in Darien NDE

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Little Eddie cuomo - amazing peak in Darien NDE


Post by bippy123 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:58 pm

This is one of the most fascinating ndes I have ever read and yet it gets the least amount of publicity .

Physician K. M. Dale related the case of 9-year-old Eddie Cuomo, whose fever finally broke after nearly 36 hours of anxious vigil on the part of his parents and hospital personnel. As soon as he opened his eyes, at 3:00 in the morning, Eddie urgently told his parents that he had been to heaven, where he saw his deceased Grandpa Cuomo, Auntie Rosa, and Uncle Lorenzo. His father was embarrassed that Dr. Dale was overhearing Eddie’s story and tried to dismiss it as feverish delirium. Then Eddie added that he also saw his 19-year- old sister Teresa, who told him he had to go back. His father then became agitated, because he had just spoken with Teresa, who was attending college in Vermont, two nights ago; and he asked Dr. Dale to sedate Eddie. Later that morning, when Eddie’s parents telephoned the college, they learned that Teresa had been killed in an automobile accident just after midnight, and that college officials had tried unsuccessfully to reach the Cuomos at their home to inform them of the tragic news (Steiger and Steiger 1995:42–46).

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