Proof God Exists (the denier will be the exception)

Discussion about scientific issues as they relate to God and Christianity including archaeology, origins of life, the universe, intelligent design, evolution, etc.
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Proof God Exists (the denier will be the exception)


Post by fred » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:01 am

Proof God exists is SUPER EASY for anyone to understand (sadly, the stubborn denier is the exception):

1) Each DNA contains 100 million pages worth of instructions to build the entire body. Do instructions write themselves? Nope. Instructions don't write themselves. Behind every instruction is an 'instructor' who authored it. Carl Sagan said: "The information content of a simple cell has been established as around one trillion bits, comparable to about 100 million pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica."

2) Every genome is written as a quaternary molecular digital code: "All present life is based on digitally-encoded information." (American Academy of Sciences)

3) Each cell contains hi-tech miniature organs (organelles - nucleus, golgi bodies, mitochondria, chloroplasts, etc.) - none of which are naturally found elsewhere - hence no natural explanation for their existence.

4) Who can write a 100 million pages worth of instructions and then stuff it into every cell of our body? This hyper-intellect is who we will face on Judgment Day.

For most reasonable people I speak with, item (1) is enough to demonstrate God's existence since His existence is axiomatic and He has made it known to all who are created in His Image (Romans 1).

There are some with reprobate closed minds for which no reasoning in the world will open their thinking. Only God can open such a closed mind and heart by directly speaking to them with no human involvement.

Any other ideas which have 'worked' for you?
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Re: Proof God Exists (the denier will be the exception)


Post by Philip » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:09 am

God is more than willing to reveal Himself to all unbelievers, yet only to those who are willing to listen and respond - and they CAN but WON'T (although many will respond eventually). Throughout the Bible God warns about and and is angry at unbelief, and He states He wants ALL to believe (but that many will not) and that He takes no joy from the death and fate of unbelievers. So what keeps people from belief isn't God (Who doesn't cause sin, and as rejecting God is a great sin ONLY caused by a man himself) - NO, the ONLY things that prevent faith in God/Christ is an individual's own hard heart and mind, and his entrenched determination to avoid, reject, and remain in rebellion to God. Which is precisely why God is so angry over their unbelief (otherwise, His anger wouldn't make sense!) - as it is SELF-inflicted because they don't want to know the truth about God, and what they can (and already) know, they deny or avoid. And for such people, God provides enough knowledge and awareness of Himself so that while they could know more and more, IF ONLY they would be willing to embrace and pursue the things about Himself that God has ALREADY shown them, and thus He would lead those with willing and obedient hearts and minds all the way to salvation. And so A) God, IN His sovereignty, has decided to B) give man free will and the ability to exercise it, C) as to each person's choice as to whether to have an open heart and willingness to seek and listen, or whether to remain entrenched in their unbelief and rebellion towards Him. And God forces NO one to belief and faith, as forced love cannot be truly be the love of anyone so coerced! We are free to love God freely!

Note both Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53:1 read, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” So, God doesn't prevent their unbelief or cause its foolishness - PEOPLE do! As well, God does not cause them to disobey His command to believe - so the sin and condition of unbelief is maintained, not by God Who desires the belief of ALL, but by men who want to remain their own little "god."

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