Mans ignorance in science is all science without God

Discussion about scientific issues as they relate to God and Christianity including archaeology, origins of life, the universe, intelligent design, evolution, etc.
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Mans ignorance in science is all science without God


Post by ProofGodExists » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:53 am

We know that energy makes up the stepping stones of any mass or physical thing. We know that energy in many different forms can power, amit light, or create heat, and even cut through the hardest solid. We know light can be only harnest and captured by other energy sources or natural things that repeat a cycle cause by energy from 1 form of its dynamic diversity. Understand energy through it's most important name and see how ignorant man is passing on knowledge through words on paper obviously to be remembered throughout generations proving that all wisdoms is passed on but failing to see the biggest issue you will soon find. Lmao
Let there be light! Moses how did you see to write this if day did not exist first! Surely a pencil would be useless without the sun light. And you probably wont live long enough without the sun to figure out why you do have a pen or pencil and even words or language. With out both we sure would not ever need light to write down anything because the sun has many scientific importances that life needs first to live, see, and understand how stupid ignorant we are but that's what is what evil wants us to be. Lol Read! :amen:

The smartest men in life base all understanding off time. Some believe in order to travel faster then light you would need to be light. You are also taught that light has two meanings God and Physical light. Science explains light to not be any form of physical mass and has no weight. Light travels through solid mass but physically appears to reflect off or conflict with physical things. Example would be different forms of light. The true question is for those who are blinded by enlightened evils and ignorances and pride. If light is not mass and is not physical and cant be measured in any weight. Science stating that light is energy powering everything. Then how does evolution and those who believe souly in science truly explain light clearly became before language before man and prior creations who took notes and passed on knowledge to those who passed that to the next. Yes is okay to see science as being true in all ways and opinions. But evolution does not pass on wisdom of language without first being conscious of light that The bible states God is made of for those in science who would actually like to see what you are writing down so intently sure of. Without light you have no pencils or purpose of 1. So why pass on knowledge in writing? Is this not enough proof how ignorant even our greatest thinkers are. Who are missing the key. Proof is first understanding that we know nothing if not first been given it. Evolution does exist and the great bang. If you travel faster then light you can control time. This is truth. But you will never be able to yourself. Because light existed before you new what to call it. Or how to name it. Light is the truth. Light is God because all living things require it in its wave lengths, energy and language? Who new light had a language. Surely and true language master wrote about light without using it to see what he was writing and also needing light to live. Newton you were right matter never really is destroyed only the idiot's who see light before existing are idiots or should I say uneducated and use ignorance over some obvious retardation. Math is our tool to solve many things but what is math without light. Another word what is math to a man writing it down when the bible says God created it for man because God is light. God is allowing is energy to be physical so that you can all see to write about it. Just like the 40 writers who lied about the bible that wrote it under some sort of light and who are not inspired by God in most peoples eyes. Well they obviously figured out that a pen is only good if you can see it with light otherwise our evolution not require us to have eyes. People read! Open up your eyes! God proves it science supports him and explains its physical attribute.

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