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Scientists discover a role for 'junk' DNA

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:33 am
by Stu
So Intelligent Design's prediction were right and Evolutionary predictions were wrong. Big surprise :)

I guess Dawkins is gonna have to rewrite some of his books, as he and many other evolutionists held up junk DNA as proof of evolution for years and years :D

Scientists discover a role for 'junk' DNA

Researchers at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have determined how satellite DNA, considered to be "junk DNA," plays a crucial role in holding the genome together.

Their findings, published recently in the journal eLife, indicate that this genetic "junk" performs the vital function of ensuring that chromosomes bundle correctly inside the cell's nucleus, which is necessary for cell survival. And this function appears to be conserved across many species.

This pericentromeric satellite DNA consists of a very simple, highly repetitive sequence of genetic code. Although it accounts for a substantial portion of our genome, satellite DNA does not contain instructions for making any specific proteins. What's more, its repetitive nature is thought to make the genome less stable and more susceptible to damage or disease. Until fairly recently, scientists believed this so-called "junk" or "selfish" DNA did not serve any real purpose.

"But we were not quite convinced by the idea that this is just genomic junk," said Yukiko Yama****a, research professor at the LSI and lead author on the study. "If we don't actively need it, and if not having it would give us an advantage, then evolution probably would have gotten rid of it. But that hasn't happened."

Yama****a and her colleagues decided to see what would happen if cells could not use this pericentromeric satellite DNA. Because it exists in long, repetitive sequences, the researchers could not simply mutate or cut the entire satellite DNA out of the genome. Instead, they approached the question through D1, a protein known to bind to satellite DNA.

The researchers removed D1 from the cells of a commonly used model organism, Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies). And the team quickly noticed that germ cells -- the cells that ultimately develop into sperm or eggs -- were dying.

Further analysis revealed that the dying cells were forming micro-nuclei, or tiny buds, outside the nucleus that included pieces of the genome. Without the entire genome encapsulated in the nucleus, the cells could not survive.


Re: Scientists discover a role for 'junk' DNA

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:03 am
by RickD
I just like how the name Yamashita doesn't make it through the swear filter.

Re: Scientists discover a role for 'junk' DNA

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:38 pm
by abelcainsbrother
Well first off,there is no credibile mechanism for how life evolves in the first place and so not only can it never be demonstrated the junk DNA is evidence for evolution.But it can never be demonstrated that natural selection,adaptation,speciation,random DNA copying errors,random mutations,genetic drift,etc works like evolutionists claim they do to cause life to evolve. These are all evolution myths that were made up to make evolution more believable and to hide the lack of a credibile mechanism and since scientists made these myths up we cannot believe any of the other things they have made up when it comes to evolution.This means everything about evolution is just made up based on the belief and assumption life evolves without evidence it does. The lack of a credible mechanism causes this.They have the cart before the horse when it comes to science and what is true and what is a myth.

This also means that evolutionists cannot blend their evolution imagination into anything having to do with the age of the earth,the layers of strata,the fossils,the whole evolution tree of life,cladistics,etc and we can say that there is not one big world going back 4.5 billions years but two different worlds over 4.5 billions years with a gap of time between them just like the Gap Theory interpretation says and predicts.

Now when we look at the age of the earth,the layers of strata,the fossils,etc we can see evidence for two different worlds with different kinds of life in them.We can see from the fossils that the former world was a much different kind of world than this world we now live in is.

The former world had Trilobites,Dinosaurs,Hominids,Neanderthals(Pre-Adamite races that Gap Theorists came up with from bible study),Wooly Mammoths,Mastodons,Sabre tooth cats,etc while this world we now live in has crabs,lobsters,shrimp,Alligators,crocodiles,humans(created new in God's image),elephants,Lions,Tigers,etc which shows two different worlds.

And we can know that there are three world ages the former world,this world we now live in and a third world age will come in the future. And we know three is a Godly number in the bible - Trinity,Jesus rose from the dead on the third day,etc.

The Theory of Evolution does'nt stand a chance against the Gap Theory which is why the church should be using it to combat evolution.