Marijuana vs Pharmaceuticals

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Re: Marijuana vs Pharmaceuticals


Post by bbyrd009 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:58 am

Philip wrote:
Maddian: So, what you are suggesting is that current medical science determines what is/isn't a sin?
Um, Maddy, THAT is your first post? Hello, nice to meet you, etc?

You can save the novel, because you've asserted a meaning I never voiced. What I meant is there is a huge difference between something medically beneficial, and recreational use. And many are convinced they need to stay in a haze when it isn't truly necessary to do so, as there MAY be much better options that don't produce lethargy and muddle the senses. Let me emphasize: There MIGHT be better options! But medical researchers are going to be able to provide a much more informed opinion of that. Greatly inhibited blood flow to the brain is a huge problem with Mary Jane. Lung issues. Etc. So, why would one ASSUME that marijuana is the best choice? At BEST, we can say that it MIGHT be the best choice for SOME people. And that is and should be open debate. WE can say getting high UNNECESSARILY is sin. Any problem with THAT?
i'm reading this from crochet, too, this "muddled brain" thing that imo was engendered by an understanding of marijuana as sleep-weed, which it simply is not anymore. Also, it should be considered that anyone who smokes pot every day is not getting high anyway; or at least surely not the high an occasional smoker gets. And i was surprised to learn this myself, but apparently people who smoke only pot have no lung issues, as weird as that seems. Willie Nelson is like 90, and doing fine as a wake-and-baker. Oddly, if you smoke tobacco too, your risk for lung cancer does go up slightly, i guess.

but this characterization of foggy-headedness, and lethargy? No one smokes that kind of pot anymore, i don't think. That is the therapeutic stuff for seizures, and some other ills, cancer, but would not work on Asperger's, for instance.

Have you seen the video of the girl who cannot talk normally, until she takes a couple hits from a pipe? it's down now, can't find it, hmm. But it is pretty obvious, she isn't trying to fake it or whatever.
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