Pre-Cambrian Land Plants

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Pre-Cambrian Land Plants


Post by Gilligan » Wed May 28, 2014 6:59 am

Some people may have trouble with the apparent conflict with the order of Creation in Genesis and the Geologic Time charts we normally see. Many scientists date land plants to about 400 million years ago, over 100 million years after the Cambrian Explosion which is described in Day Five of Genesis. This would place the land plants of Day Three after the start of Day Five. However, there are articles that discuss land plants dating to 850 million to 1.2 billion years ago. If this is true, that would place land plants long before the Cambrian Explosion and not in conflict with the order of Creation described in Genesis.

Here are links to these articles: ... vegetation ... lants.html ... 08213.html ... 09943.html ... and-plants
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