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Re: Rick troll


Post by Nessa » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:22 pm

RickD wrote:
thatkidakayoungguy wrote:
RickD wrote:
thatkidakayoungguy wrote:
RickD wrote: Don't think of it as in the trash. Think of it being in the trash compactor on the first Death Star.
Yet the Death Star was destroyed...
Don't think of it as destroyed. Think of it as going to a better place.*

*My doctor told me I need to see the positive in every situation. So I thanked him for the free office visit.
It is a positive event when it is not destroyed. See the trolling as art, something you do as well. Good art is harmless, and depending on what type of art, is entertaining.
I once had a friend with no arms and no legs, whose mother hung him on a wall. His name was Art.
And he had a no arm, no leg identical triplet brother who sat at the front door. His name was Mat.

The third no arm, no leg brother used to float in the pool. His name was Bob.

Where's Nessa anyways? She used to laugh at my jokes.

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