What is the point of life?

Healthy skepticism of ALL worldviews is good. Skeptical of non-belief like found in Atheism? Post your challenging questions. Responses are encouraged.
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Re: What is the point of life?


Post by Nicki » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:52 am

RickD wrote:
Nicki wrote:
RickD wrote:
Jac3510 wrote:Y'all are all making this way to complicated. The point of life is just over the i.

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The point of life is to point out grammar mistakes on forums.

It's "too", not "to". y:D :pillows:
Yes, I thought for a moment he meant 'this way to complicated' as if complicated was a place. :mrgreen:
"Were" a place!!!!!!!!!! :pound:
Hmm, well, I guess that's correct but it just sounds pretentious to me. 8-}2

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