Pro-Life: The Logical Stance

Healthy skepticism of ALL worldviews is good. Skeptical of non-belief like found in Atheism? Post your challenging questions. Responses are encouraged.
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Re: Pro-Life: The Logical Stance


Post by jlay » Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:22 pm

Kenny wrote:
jlay wrote:
Kenny wrote:
RickD wrote:
kenny wrote/
So if I understand you correctly, you say when the egg becomes fertilized, that is when it become human?
Yes. Life begins at conception. And fertilization and conception are the same, for the sake of discussion.
I believe the issue is, the law does not agree with you. A lot of people see it your way, but a lot of people do not.


Your reply infers that truth is determined by popular vote and/or judicial decree.
Truth is what corresponds to reality. Our laws OUGHT to correspond to reality.
It is a scientific fact that at conception the fertilized egg has ALL the genetic information to establish it as a unique human life form. It will never have any more than at that moment. Currently, the law gives the mother the right to terminate this unique life form. But, that doesn't mean that the law is right or in line with the truth. If a law is out of line with reality do you think we should support it? If your thinking is out of line with truth, do you think you should continue thinking this way?
I wasn't making a judgment call of if it is right or wrong, truth or false; I was pointing out that the law doesn't agree that personhood begins at conception, so that is what is being enforced.

Ken, forgive me if I don't accept on face value that you are simply making an observation and nothing more.
FWIW, I dont think the law is making a statement of personhood at all. Have you read Roe v. Wade?
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