For Those Who DON'T believe in God:

Healthy skepticism of ALL worldviews is good. Skeptical of non-belief like found in Atheism? Post your challenging questions. Responses are encouraged.
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Re: For Those Who DON'T believe in God:


Post by Kurieuo » Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:55 pm

Justhuman wrote:
Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:19 am
Kurieuo wrote:
Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:56 am
Justhuman wrote:
Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:19 am
Philip wrote:
Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:57 am
Ken: Well evidently there are a lot of Christians who don’t always follow Christ’s teachings in how to treat unbelievers. If you don’t see this, perhaps its because you are not an Atheist.
Ken, did you not read what I acknowledged directly above your comment about that reality. Most of those people not obeying Christ teachings on how to treat people aren't Christians, no matter that they might self-identify as such. Many are merely political / cultural, so-called "Christians."
In that case you claim to be a true Christian and all else 'false' Christians. That is a potential very dangerous statement.
How is it dangerous? Lots of people claim to be all sorts of things, doesn't make it so.
"I am the only true believer, everyone else is 'fake' ".
You 'damn' a lot of people with that. Now I don't think that is your purpose, but that kind of statements differentiates between true and false.
It is tragic, however you are saying that I damn people with that statement? Not at all, and I think the opposite -- that if I were to go along with self-identifying Christians who I believed were not, that such would actually be damning and likely damaging to many more people.

Listen, if someone is going to cross the road when a car is coming, then if I were to just go along with their belief that no car is coming that would in fact damn them to being hit. And if it were a parent with kids, I've equally damned their kids to likely being hit also.

So then, the best I can do is to try correct their belief with truth. Of course, yelling out "a car is coming" might be enough to make them look again and stop crossing. Belief in Christ however, who is said to be God visiting in the flesh some 2000 years ago, isn't so easy to anyone's rational mind to believe.
Justhuman wrote:Different Christians claim they are the true Christians. So, which one is the right one? There can be only one.
Well then, you have your work cut out for you. Some people claim the world is flat too, who is right? You decide. God gave you the opportunity to choose and decide for yourself what to believe. At least, YOU play a large role being the main actor in your own life. On the other hand, not everyone believes that we are even responsible in a final sense over our own decisions and actions (and such generally isn't the position of those who do believe God exists).
Justhuman wrote:Since you mentioned the hatred from some atheists towards Christians, maybe your claim is at some basis of that. "God exists, and I am right. Period." There is no room for 'alternatives'.
I didn't mention hatred from atheists? I get along with many who aren't Christian, even if we disagree. I don't take their belief that I believe in a "fairy-God" as being "hatred" any more than the my belief that some people who claim to be Christian aren't really Christian. In fact, while frustration and hatred for belief in God might penetrate through at times, I'd think many Atheists actually want me to give up belief in God because they think such is more liberating and freeing, AND as such it'd be better for myself if I were Atheist.
Justhuman wrote:It is like the the atheist claims "I am right, and you (as a theist) are wrong. Period."
While the agnost claims "I probably am right, and you possibly might be wrong."
True Agnositicism is being without knowledge either way ('a-' meaning without, and 'gnostic' meaning knowledge). It is often the position that "Atheists" today try to re-badge Atheism under, however even in Flew's original paper, The Presumption of Atheism, he states that the Atheism he is arguing for is a rather weak form that makes no positive claim, it is like Agnositicism when it comes to God beliefs. Yet, the moment you take a side, voice an opinion one way or another, even in the slightest, such is the moment you take a positive stance and leave Agnosticism.

That said, as a Christian, I'm not Agnostic at all, but claim to know God exists, believe it is true, and there are many positive arguments for belief in God and even Christ. Again, I'll repeat here, we're each our own judge and jury and have the freedom to think and decide for ourselves. The best I can then do to either a Christian I don't believe is Christian, or an Atheist who rejects God's existence, is to try warn them of their error and anyone who listens to such errors so that they won't actually end up damned. For I truly believe Christ is the cure, the answer, to many evils in our world which currently go unchecked (but it won't always be that way, there will be an end and reckoning that will damn people for any and all evil committed).
"Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved." (Romans 10:13)



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