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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:20 pm
by seveneyes
For me God revealed himself when I was a teen. I had been kicked out of the house by my parents on Dec, 23, 1986 and was in a bad emotional state as a result. I was in turmoil trying to understand why there was suffering in this world and what my place in this world was. I really feared that my life was going to be nothing besides suffering and I was angry at God for it. The next day a friend and I were walking through a field toward his house on Christmas eve,(I was spending Christmas with his family) when we came across this little stream winding through the snow. I had just cursed God for all of his suffering on this planet and decided that there was no way that God could be real, and if on the off chance God was real, that he was NO friend of mine. Now my friend Andy and I were next to this little stream when Andy saw a little fish swimming in it. He pointed at the fish and we watched it moving downstream until it got caught in a current and swept into an eddy covered in ice. The fish was stuck there on it's side unable to move, trapped between the ice and the stream bed. I asked Andy if we should save the him. He said no, but I was moved with compassion for the fish. I bent over and lifted the plate of ice away from the him and he swam free. As soon as I did this, Andy and I both stood up and looked directly into the sky at the same time. There was a circular formation of clouds above us and when we looked at it, it began to turn. It was turning and then it began falling. It fell with a force that made me literally think that the sky was falling and that the world was ending. Then the clouds began to open up and take on a form. They took on the form of 7 to 12 "Angels" with giant wings of eagles, white robes with billowing sleeves, dazzling curls in their flowing hair, and beautiful yet simple sandals with a buckle, and a belt with a square buckle on the belt. Each Spiritual creature was also holding a lyre (a small harp). The glory of God was there and soaring through all things. I thought my physical body was going to die in the power, yet I did not die. If I did die, I would have died of pure joy. I wanted to fall down into the fetal position, but I was held upright. The "Angels" sang Gods glory, but did not move their lips, nor did a sound come from them. Their beings sang Glory to God and their song was to God and for God, but the song was BY God. He was the author of it. He WAS the song! The Angels sang and worshiped as did I with my whole being. During this event I was also laid bare before God. I was clearly seen through and through and I was aware of it. I was convicted of sin before God and I was very ashamed. Through this vision I was shown that God was real, and that he was good. Minutes before I was cursing God and convincing myself that he was not real or good. Now I knew that he was beyond good, he was perfect, immaculate and omnipotent. The depth of the holiness, perfection, love, beauty and power of God is utterly inexpressible. The only thing that I can liken it to is the suns rays soaring through the clouds, but 100,000 times the beauty. There are volumes and volumes that I could write about this event, but in order to give my main testimony I will cut it short. -I was laid bare, yes, but God forgave me and promised me eternal life right there in that field. I remember it plainly. He told me that I would be there with them. It was his promise to me. -The love on the faces of each being was also indescribable and breathtaking and I knew that there is no such thing as perfection without love. Love is a cornerstone of perfection.

God showed me a small portion of his kingdom on that day. He showed me that he was real, heaven was real, angels were real and that life had purpose and meaning. God is the meaning. God is all in all, all through all. He is OMEGA!
-Many years later I came to learn what the creatures actually were. They were NOT Angels as I had thought, but they were the glorified souls of human beings. I have met 3 of those that I saw on that day. 2 of them are my Grandmother and Grandfather. They were alive and on earth when this took place, and years later God revealed them to me through recognizing them. Although glorified in the vision I could still recognize them here on earth. The likeness here is like seeing them through a dim glass, but they are still recognizable. The third one I will not reveal as it is special and private to me, but without a doubt, what I saw were the glorified souls of human beings who still live but in the vision were no longer human.

Some like to argue that there are no female Angels and attempt to discredit what I saw based on the fact that some of their likenesses appeared to be similar to what we consider feminine and masculine traits. However these were spiritual beings having no sexual organs. They were neither male or female. They were no longer human at all. This is the way it is in heaven. It is NOT an all boys club.

I could not even speak these words if I hadn't been shown this. I could not have imagined anything like this in a million years to tell you about.

Christ within this vision was not separate from God. He was the one who lifted the plate of ice off of me so that I could be set free. He used the fish to speak to my heart concerning my salvation. I was the fish trapped under the ice and would have died there. God had compassion on me just as I had compassion for the fish. He set me free for freedoms sake. He forgave me because he could. Christ was the author of my salvation and also the truth that laid me bare before him. He was the personality of God and the exact representation of his being. There was no separation. God is the light and the Lamb is the lamp. (or is it the other way around in scripture? I forget)

I have walked with God since that day and will always walk with him. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination either. I am a simple sinner. No one merits heaven or a vision like this. I did nothing to deserve this gift and did nothing to deserve salvation. It was all by his mercy.

Nothing aside from perfection can reside in heaven, so if you think you are capable of becoming perfect without God, maybe you could take flight in your spirit to knock on heavens door and God would allow you in. If you are not able to make yourself perfect, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of heaven except by his mercy.

Trust in Jesus, our forgiveness and salvation. Amen

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Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:25 am
by Silvertusk
Thank you for that beautiful Testimony Seveneyes.


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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:36 am
by jurek
Powerful stuff, indeed - thank you. I have just joined the forum, so there is some delay in my response to your post. I would like to ask you two questions many of the members of the forum might be interested to have answered by somebody with so vivid experience of God's reality as yours.

A. Job 31:1

“I made an agreement with my eyes. I promised not to look at another woman with sexual longing." How do you practice this now, after the experience. I would guess that having experienced God you have also experienced the horrible side of sin, thus practicing above should be now easier. IS the strength of temptations stronger, weaker or they are gone?

B. 2 Cor 10:5
"I destroy every claim and every reason that keeps people from knowing God. I keep every thought under control in order to make it obey Christ". This may be understood as related to the above, maybe with a little qualifier stating that this one is more about managing the quality of the thought life while the above - sensory one. Again - is it easier now, has the Experience you are talking about completely and once for all rewired your brains, as psychologists are used to say.

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Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:30 am
by Sam1995
Love is a cornerstone of perfection.
That was the winning line for me mate. Extremely powerful stuff and declares the glory of God in an amazing way! Very well written also, really really enjoyed reading through this! God bless you!

SB :)