Mocking the Poor

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Re: Mocking the Poor


Post by Philip » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:05 pm

You brought it up so I looked it up. Don't blame it on me dude.I don't like this garbage.
Again, there are activities common to some porn that are perfectly acceptable, but that are still wrong because the context isn't between a man and HIS wife. If both are unmarried, the Bible calls that the sin of fornication: ... rnication/.

If either or both people having intercourse are married to other people, or someone engaged, the Bible calls that the sin of adultery:

So, it's not that certain activities might not be okay, it's that they are carried on outside of marriage that God says make them sinful.

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Re: Mocking the Poor


Post by Blessed » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:19 pm

edwardmurphy wrote:Blessed, it seems like you suffer from White Grievance Syndrome.

I'm sorry that college was tough, but I work in human services with kids who are about to enter college and I've yet to have any of them turned down for tutoring because they were white. Topically access to additional help is specified in a student's Individual Education Plan. I don't think you're being entirely forthcoming in your description of events.

Regarding your experiences in government work, that sounds like a pain, but I looked up the published data on federal government employees and the numbers don't line up. Blacks make up about 18% of the federal workforce, while whites make up 65%. White federal employees earn an average of about $12K more per year than their Black counterparts. I'd say that that's strong evidence that there are more Whites than Blacks in management positions. And last I looked, veterans got to jump to the head of the line for federal jobs, so it's possible that some of the folks that you assume are affirmative action hires actually did a few years in the military. Blacks make up 12% of our population, so it's true that they're overrepresented in the federal government jobs, but only by about 5%. I think that you're overestimating the impact of affirmative action as well as underestimating the number of Whites in Federal government positions.

The video is disturbing, but I don't buy your conclusions. First off, the story was widely reported after the video appeared on social media, which is precisely the same thing that happened with all of the highly publicized instances of police killing unarmed Blacks. You might not have seen it on TV, but it took me about 10 seconds to find a bunch of articles in your local papers. Turns out that your fleeing shoplifter actually tried to rob a drugstore while high on meth, threatened police with some scissors, then led then on a 12-mile car chase. He was shot by cops on the beach. They claimed that they heard gunshots - probably from the cops on the street firing beanbag rounds at the suspect - and then fired on him when he reached for something in his belt. They were exonerated, but the LBPD later paid a couple million dollars in a settlement to the guy's family. Anyway, the whole thing is a tragedy, but that doesn't make it evidence of an anti-White police force.

Your experience with the angry cop is unfortunate, but [poop] happens, particularly when you don't follow instructions. But I think it's beside the point. I didn't say that white people NEVER have bad experiences with the cops, I said that typically things go better for Whites than for Blacks. Typically.

1) I am absolutely being forthcoming. I had problems with a class called quantitative methods of business (another garbage college course requirement with little applicability in the real world). I needed tutoring. I went to the tutoring center and filled out an application. This was in 2001. Part of the application was checking your race. I came back later and told I was denied by the Ombudsman department due to code number I forget. I looked up code number I forget and it was a legalistic definition which basically said the tutoring was only applicable to non white students. I was given an alternate tutoring department by the ombudsmans department which had random times of no more than 1 hour per week. And anything over 1 hour I had to pay for. This was for Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. You may call them up and ask them if you wish. In other words - the tutoring which everyone was paying for out of misc. tuition fees was only applicable anyone who met the requirements of the "code" and the requirements of the "code" is anyone who was basically not white.

2) Regarding your statistics on government jobs as a whole I can only go on my hands on experience in Los Angeles. So I am disregarding other locales. The data you copy does not match my personal hands on experience (what I have seen day to day and talking to people locally in my career). However you're data might very well be correct and then I would be wrong. I don't know. It's the first time I've seen this data. Where did you get it from?

3) They paid off the family in settlement out of court because they murdered the guy and did not want it to go to trial. The guy had meth and other drugs in his system, yes, but it was not established if he was high during the incident nor would it excuse the police's behavior. He shoplifted a pair of scissors and "brandished" them at the security guard at Target and ran away. The guard accused him of shoplifting and asked to see what was in his pocket. The excuse about reaching for his waist his Bulls__t. Anyone who runs away looks like they are reaching for their waistband. The police made it up because they could not find any other reason. The hail of bullets after the beanbags (which is the police official excuse nobody knows if they were even beanbags the guys in the lobby said they were but they did not know they were just guessing) Same as they did when this white guy was shot in the hallway here., ... BUUx0jUKxc
(moderator: video embed removed, explicit content)

The officer should be executed (eye for eye) on death row but a dumbed down jury of cherry picked dummies (if you've ever been to jury duty selection you know the DA's office doesn't want smart people on the juries, they want dumb people who listen to judges over common sense and the Constitution. So if you tell them you have a HS diploma, make $11.00 hr and have no criminal history you're in. They let this murdering cop walk. They guy was white. The other guy in Long Beach got NO MEDIA TIME. The local Long Beach Press Telegram doesn't count. I said MSM. Only channel 4 (a local Los Angeles station) reported it. This was an execution and it was ignored. It wasn't on Faux, CNN, HP, WP, MSNBC any of the rest of them.

Sorry for the grammar but I'm on my 5th glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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