The Far Left and the Far Right

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The Far Left and the Far Right


Post by Philip » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:22 pm

There is essentially NO difference between the attitudes and thinking of those on the far right and far left - as they are both groups, made up of many segments and rivals, ALL populated by people filled with hate and rage. And not just hate of the activities or beliefs of their opponents - no, they hate the human beings in those groups, with a passion! Also common is, they don't want to win hearts and minds for a peaceful common good, as their members have delusions that THEIR ideologies and strategies can overpower their rivals to thus achieve their stated objectives - and they are often willing to do whatever inflammatory actions or statements they can to enrage their opponents and create complete chaos and violence (as they perceive it useful). They are often clever, as they seek to suck in people less extreme, that tend to lean more toward whatever side of the political spectrum - so as to entice them into their orbits - often, by tapping into legitimate angers and concerns, but ultimately to ensnare their recruits into the same mindless angers and buying into their whole narrative. Both are more concerned with their agendas than any overall public good or stability within our society - that is, unless they are calling the shots and sitting at the top of the heap. These types are immoral people bringing great evil amongst us. And for whatever possible valid points they might have, you don't change hearts and minds of your opponents or those you are trying to persuade with violence, threats, lies, and mob tactics. You don't only demonize people who disagree with you - not if you want them to listen. What the effect of such groups often is, a spreading of their own rage and anger - which merely feeds and magnifies these amongst their opponents and rivals. Such people's words and actions are a cancer amongst us! So, the Farrakans and the David Dukes amongst us - are just mirror images of each other. Neo Nazis, skinheads, black nationalists, black power groups, white power groups - just different faces, some different races, but there's very little difference between them, in the impact and damage they are causing.

Also, the devil has a huge toolkit. Enter the ACLU and city officials. The ACLU wants ANY group, no matter how poisonous or evil, to have the right to a public march and speeches - under the guise that allowing such protects of freedom of speech, etc. And so city officials go along with it. News flash: When the Klan or some race-focused, racist / race-baiting group applies for a permit to march their agenda through your town - they need to be denied - if only for the public safety. Knowing the hellfire of violence such marches often produce, why give those willing to light the flames, the additional fuel to make sure an inferno is created??? Stupid, STUPID!!!
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Re: The Far Left and the Far Right


Post by Hortator » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:13 pm

It's the Horseshoe Theory: bend so far right, or bend so far left, you eventually end up on the other side.

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