Is Higher Education still possible?

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Is Higher Education still possible?


Post by PaulSacramento » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:15 am ... ons-crisis

From the article:

Here the reader may supply plenty of anecdotes about professors, insufficiently “liberal,” who have been driven from their jobs or burdened with legal troubles because they violated the new iron etiquette that governs the public sphere. My favorite, if such it may be called, involved an instructor of composition at the University of Winnipeg who remarked, near the end of a semester, that the most important work that most women do will be to raise their children well. For that remark — which would have struck sensible people alive three cultural minutes ago, both men and women, as a bland truism — the instructor was relieved of his duties forthwith, barred from his office, and forbidden even to administer his final exam.
People who say that such events are rare and therefore not to be taken too seriously are either fools or liars. A thousand public lynchings are expensive and tiresome. Two or three will intimidate your enemies very nicely and save you the sweat and the struggle against your conscience. That is especially true if the victim is powerful and visible, as was Lawrence Summers, the president of Harvard who opined that the difference between the numbers of men and women pursuing the natural sciences at the highest level might be due rather to predilection and intellectual inclination than to sexism. Again we are dealing with a bland truism; but the long knives came out, and Summers was dispatched.

Read more at: ... ons-crisis

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Re: Is Higher Education still possible?


Post by RickD » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:20 am

That's because he left something out. He should have said, "The most important work that most women do will be to raise their children well, and make sammiches."
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Re: Is Higher Education still possible?


Post by Hortator » Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:50 pm

"Oh, the humanities!"

I don't think the classic tweed-jacket, thick-framed glasses wearing egg-head professor of the past can survive in a department such as poetry, art, English, or even history. If it's not rooted in objective fact, it is likely to be contaminated by danger-hairs and adult toddlers.

However, if you want to pursue a degree in mathematics, or any sort of STEM, then the doors will always be open. No matter how nutty social justice warriors get, they can't prove that the number 2 once oppressed somebody a millennia ago. Or that the element calcium commits micro-aggressions by not giving a full-throated song of praise to whoever is victim of the day.

Hopefully not.

That's pretty much how universities have managed to keep their doors open: one half is an insane asylum, the other half is just business as usual. Just enough revenue to keep the original campus buildings from falling apart.

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