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Re: Angry Democrats


Post by B. W. » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:06 pm

Kurieuo wrote:
Kenny wrote:
edwardmurphy wrote:
Kenny wrote:So if those angry democrats want to blame somebody, quit blaming uneducated white men and blame themselves for picking an candidate that was proven over and over that nobody wanted, but they refused to acknowledge.
Your thoughts?

If nobody wanted her then why did she win the popular vote?
I suspect many who voted for Clinton were actually voting against Donald Trump, and many who voted for Trump were actually voting against Hillary Clinton. If there were someone on the ticket actually worth voting FOR, they would have won.

Agree with Kenny, again, a lot of people also listen to the conspiracy stuff against him. How many times I heard Trump's a racist, xenophobe, homophobic, going to round up all immigrants, etc, etc. Just fear mongering. Untrue.

Also, I'd point out that popular counted vote isn't the same as popular cast vote. I heard millions of mail-in and absentee ballots aren't counted until after, though they won't make a difference in won states. I also hear they generally favour Republicans i.e., in CA 1/3 Dems, 2/3s Rep at last election.
Yes there is a report that Trump did have the popular majority vote after they are all counted with 309 Electoral Votes at the final end game. Just waiting for the confirmation on the poplar vote. He won Michigan...
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Re: Angry Democrats


Post by abelcainsbrother » Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:42 pm

We know from Wikilinks that during the primary funded by George Soros the DNC,Hillary's campaign and the media were all apart of it but they sent protestors to Trump rallies dressed as Bernie supportors to stir up trouble and this was to make both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump look bad. Remember all the media reports about the protestors at Trump rallies? Where they would focus on Trump's response to these protestors making him look bad? They would show how Trump responded to the protestors saying stuff like I'd like to punch him in the face,Get him outta here,etc they never did report that the guy threw a tomatoe at Trump,No they only focused on Trump's responses to these protestors that they sent to his rallies.It was all planned out to try to make Trump look bad to help Hillary win.Well it was all planned out so there is no reason to not think that the majority of these protestors now protesting Trump's win are paid protestors and it is planned out by George Soros,the DNC and Hillary plus the media.
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