Doomsday 24th-28th September 2015?

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Re: Doomsday 24th-28th September 2015?


Post by B. W. » Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:30 am

abelcainsbrother wrote:
PaulSacramento wrote:
abelcainsbrother wrote:
PaulSacramento wrote:For the 1st century reader it was probably quite clear that the Babylon of Revelation was Rome.
It was called that for one thing and they way it is described in Revelation is consistent with Rome.
Rome was viewed as the "whole world" in the ANE and AME ( by Rome I mean of course the Roman Empire).
That said, we also know that Prophecies have more than one level and a prophecy that is aimed at current and near-future situations CAN also refer to what may happen in the far distant future.
The Babylonian whore refers to all false religions and they are all crushed by the anti-christ system.
I have heard that before and, to be honest with you, it seems to be a stretch and for a few reasons:
1) Prophecies never mention "false religions" in an abstract way, they always are explicit about false worship and Revelation does that also, it just doesn't do that in regards to Babylon the "great harlot".
2) There are geographical and historical reference to WHAT Babylon is and that includes leadership.
3) The issue of false religion is dealt with in regards to the best and the antichrist and so forth.
4) Unless by false religion you mean Islam, the issue of the martyrs is not addressed by false religions
I was trying to help you out because of some peoples view that the Babylon whore is the Vatican. My mind could be changed but I've always seen it as false religions there are alot of people lost because of false religion. leading people astray.There is only one way and it is narrow and few there be that find it.False religion can be appealing.
False religions are appealing... ... cHpQ&dpr=1 ... 68871.html

These point out one false religion... Chrislam

...and attempt to point people to islam

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Re: Doomsday 24th-28th September 2015?


Post by Silvertusk » Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:30 am

Well we are are all still here. The only thing that the blood moon signalled was the Welsh Dragon beating the English Lion in the Rugby World Cup on Saturday. Who knew Jesus was actually welsh!!
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