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Are you a sincere seeker who has questions about Christianity, or a Christian with doubts about your faith? Post them here to receive a thoughtful response.
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Re: Christian Counselor


Post by Philip » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:09 pm

Mel: Bear in mind that in the throws of addiction and issues of anxiety and depression as much as one would like to think a scripture or two might help and in some ways it does it also in no way dismisses the vital need of psychological and psychiatric care.

As for counseling, my sister and her former husband, not having the money or insurance it took to see a qualified marriage counselor, ultimately desired to find someone credentialed in counseling, but also Biblically based in their faith. They couldn't afford one - even if they could have found one to meet both criteria. Guy they went to was a Pentecostal pastor who instead of focusing on the husbands serious issues (and he was undiagnosed bipolar), he advises that they pray over any strange objects that had been brought into their house. And that was the last counseling they ever went to. Soon afterward, as my mother was dying in the back room, I discovered this guy had been on the house internet looking at porn videos. I told my sister and that is when she started watching him closely - she discovered he was chatting up some chick. She moved out and gave him an ultimatum about counseling. All that to say, a qualified counselor would have spotted his issues with just a session or so of intuitive questioning. Sometimes, people foolishly go to anyone with the word "Christian" in front of their uncredentialed service offerings.

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