"If you were born elsewhere, you wouldn't be a Christian..."

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Re: "If you were born elsewhere, you wouldn't be a Christian..."


Post by Kurieuo » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:20 pm

patrick wrote:Yeah, I agree. I see the argument as largely a kind of red herring. Basically, "so what?" I think it's pretty obvious that people are influenced to believe in what the people surrounding them believe. And equally obvious that people by and large are going to stick with their original beliefs rather than go truly learn about other cultures and seek the truth, all the more interesting when we find the formerly religious atheist quite often misunderstands even their old religion.
"So what?" Exactly my thoughts. A quick retort back though to catch those who use this off-guard might be: "And if you were born in Afghanistan, you'd likely be Muslim rather than Atheist. So where does that leave us?"
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