this one eats my face off kind of question

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Re: this one eats my face off kind of question


Post by Silvertusk » Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:19 am

ratgibson wrote:its been a while since i posted, but to those familiar i am recently born again and really adjusting to a new life in Christ. in this transition, since I am a musician my music has changed its lyrical content to be centered around Christ. the style hasnt really changed. it falls under the underground rap category so i doubt youll be hearing it at church youth rallys but its still glorifying Christ in a different sound which could be beneficial to opening up the door to kids in the secular realm of music i sound the same as to Christ/God.

anyways, im piddling around on the web today and started looking up false preachers which when i delved into that, apparently anyone and everyone on TBN are heretical antichrists, etc and so forth and have it all wrong. i always knew there was something fishy about Mike Murdock but not Hagee! say it aint so....who can i trust?

anyways in my google search i noticed some headline about christian rock/rap being devils music ... -devil.htm

thats one of the ones i read....anyways.....under this impression am I to stop doing music all together if its not happy sing and praise time in a church with an organ? i didnt feel bad doing music until now....yikes!

this ultimately gets into my dilemma of wanting to know what to believe and what not to believe. I try to remain as objective as possible but all truth is not revealed to me at once with a complete understanding. short of reading the bible the whole way through in one shot and trying to fully understanding it which is impossible, its hard to imagine reading it at any interval and piecing everything together properlly.

i know im reading too much into being wrong about stuff but it freaks me out so much and gets me kinda frustrated with this whole new life in Christ/walk with God.

What do i do?!

P.S. as an edit, the above mentioned site is filled with all kinds of Alex Jones loving rhetoric and subscribes to 911 conspiracies, etc. While it would be hard for me to accept anything they spout, using Biblical scripture to prove their points about my concerns with music/etc. is my cunundrum.
If what you are doing is glorifying God then don't worry about it - whether it is Rap, Rock, reggae, hip hop - it really shouldn't make a difference. Music is a gift from God - so dont stop using it.

God Bless.


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Re: this one eats my face off kind of question


Post by cslewislover » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:05 pm

Gman wrote:
BavarianWheels wrote:Just for discussion's sake; Does God have grey areas with regard to right and wrong? And more specifically to this topic, the music you say might fall into a grey area, do you think God has His opinion of that music?
I'm sure He does and we should pray to Him and keep an open mind to what he has to offer... However, it's seems that many Christians think there is some magical Christian label saying what is right or wrong. It seems a bit legalistic to me. They listen to a song for 2 seconds and say this is not of God.. Maybe it simply isn't their musical taste... As an example, someone might say only God sanctions country music.. Well I'm not too up on CM, am I now going against God for this? This is what I'm questioning...
Lol. I guess I don't hang out with the right Christians, since I've never thought of much music being "wrong" if it doesn't happen to be obvioulsy Christian. I guess I would think a song is "wrong" for the same reason anything else might be wrong or evil. I like worship songs as well as crossover songs - Christian songs that aren't obviously Christian, like this one: I don't know about a lot of other music these days just because I don't listen to it; too busy.

I like movies that are not obvioulsy Christian but that have a strong Christian message. One that I think many Christians did not watch but which is really amazing is The Crying Game. The sin involved in the movie is what makes the sacrificial ending so amazing. Just like Jesus sacrificing himself for us weak repugnant sinners, instead of just walking away.

Amadeus is also a very interesting movie dealing with Christian things, but you won't read many reviews dealing with that.
"I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." C.S. Lewis

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