A brick wall.

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Re: A brick wall.


Post by B. W. » Fri May 23, 2014 9:23 am

RickD wrote:
1over137 wrote:
RickD wrote:One thing I noticed from the video, is that B. W.'s wife must've dressed him. His suit, shirt, and tie really matched well. :mrgreen:
Based on your experience? :mrgreen:
Yes. Whenever I dress myself, I mix stripes and plaids.

I usually wear contrasting colors too.

When my wife dresses me, she usually gives me a matching skirt and blouse. :ewink:

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Re: A brick wall.


Post by KMan87 » Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:13 am

Hey Everyone!

Not sure if you guys have still been following the multiverse "discovery", but as it turns out...it was complete crap.

http://www.nature.com/news/big-bang-blu ... le-1.15346

I do find it interesting that the original discovery got hours and hours of airtime on all the news stations but I had to go digging for this.

Oh well.

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