Why I preach

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Why I preach


Post by PaulSacramento » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:00 am

If I may:
All believers ( I don't like using the term "true believers", so I won't) make up the Body of Christ and the Body of Christ is the Catholic (Universal) Church.
All (true) Christians, regardless of denomination, are the body and church of God.
Not all are suited for preaching, for evangelizing, as the Holy Spirit gives us all different gifts and it is important to realize were are strengths and limitations are.
I have seen and heard far too many preach when they shouldn't and try to evangelize when and up doing more harm than good.
We also need to realize that we are to live and breath Christ and preach Him and the gospel and, when we really have to, we may even use words ( I believe that was said by St.Francis of Assisi).
As St.Paul said, we must do it all with Love because without love, we are just making noise.
We preach and spread the Gospel NOT to be saved but because we ARE saved and want everyone else to be saved.
We do good works because we love God and because it is good to do good, not to get anything out of it, not because we "have to".
Love drives what we do and God IS love and as Our Lord lives in Us and The HS drives Us, we love because He loved us First.
When I wonder about that love I think back to the Son of God becoming flesh, a newborn baby, fragile and moral, in His mothers arms after being born and I think, the Creator of ALL became one of us so that ALL who believe in Him can know such LOVE !.
At times it brings tears to my eyes...
That is why I preach, why I evangelize, so that others can know, can share in that love.
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