Was Adam and Eve saved?

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Re: Was Adam and Eve saved?


Post by Philip » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:34 am

Also, don't forget, that God's revelation to mankind as to WHO He is and WHAT He is, has been progressively related to man. Those like Abraham and David did not yet have the much fuller understanding of God that we today have, post Jesus birth into human form, and His later death and resurrection. So, did not those of faith, pre-Jesus birth into the world, not believe in the true God? Course they did! Had God changed - wasn't He always Father, Son and Spirit? Absolutely! So Abraham, had faith in what God HAD revealed about Himself, and not as per things he couldn't have yet known, that had not been provided him (that we DO know). And just as one can presently reject God without knowing about Jesus, PRE-Christ birth, one could reject God or embrace Him, yet without knowing of Jesus. And certainly those in OT times had an understanding of a promised Messiah, but they didn't truly understand much about that - yet they believed the promise, the Scriptures and had faith in God.

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