Trinity in the Qur'an?

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Re: Trinity in the Qur'an?


Post by BigHamster » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:21 am

Don't know if there is any truth to this. Perhaps someone out there can verify it.

According to Steiner (back in 1918), leading up to the year 666 AD, there was a push by Luciferian forces to try and enslave humanity. The attempt mostly failed. These demonic forces attempted to give humanity a method by which to prematurely enhance their consciousness but only enable them to enhance it up to a certain level. At this level, they planned to strike and eventually enslave the worlds' population. Guess what came out of all this ?


Excerpt taken from Rudolf Steiner's lecture "How Do I find Christ ?"

".......They wanted to give to man too soon the Consciousness Soul, whereby they would have instilled into him a nature making it impossible for him to find the further path to the Spirit- Self, the Life-Spirit, the Spirit-Man. These Beings would have cut man off from the path to his future destiny and would have claimed him for a quite different kind of evolution.

This project was not fulfilled in this particular form, phenomenal, majestic, but diabolical, as had been the intention of these evil spiritual Beings; but the traces of it have nevertheless taken effect in history. This came about because of human deeds, of which one can only say that while men on Earth perform these deeds, they are acting always as the agents of certain spiritual beings. The Emperor Justinian was an agent of these hostile beings when, as an enemy of everything that had emanated from the lofty wisdom of Greece, he closed the Schools of Philosophy in Athens in the year A.D. 529. The last representatives of Greek scholarship, with their sublime Aristotelian-Platonic knowledge, were banished and fled over to Persia, where the Syrian scholars had already taken refuge when in the fifth century the Greek sages had been driven from Edessa by the Emperor Zeno Isaurikus. Thus, when the year 666 was approaching, there had gathered in the Persian Academy of Jundi-Shapur a matchless scholarship that had come over from ancient Greek culture and had taken no account of the Mystery of Golgotha (the crucifixion), And the scholars who taught in the Academy of Jundi-Shapur were inspired by Luciferic-Ahrimanic Powers. [ See note 10 ]

If what had been intended to come upon humanity in A.D. 666 had been achieved, it would have raised men even at that time to the level of the Consciousness Soul and have led to the severance of mankind from the later course of its evolution. If this aim of the Academy of Jundi-Shapur had fully succeeded, numbers of men of supreme learning, and endowed with extraordinary genius, would have travelled through North Africa, Western Asia, and Southern Europe, and then through all Europe, spreading that Jundi-Shapur culture of A.D. 666. The primary purpose of this culture was that at that premature time man should be made to rely entirely upon his own personality, because the Consciousness Soul had been brought into full operation within him.

This attempt failed. The world had already assumed a configuration different from that which alone would have enabled such a thing to come to pass. Therefore the whole thrust which it was the intention of the Academy of Jundi-Shapur to give to Western culture was blunted. Instead of the spread of a wisdom expounded by brilliant erudition — in comparison with which all that is known in the external world today would be utterly trifling — instead of inspired wisdom concerning those things that will only gradually be mastered through experiment and through natural science in the period up to the year A.D. 2493 — instead of this, only remnants survived in what Arabian scholars brought over to Spain. Even that was already blunted; it did not penetrate in the form or in the way that had been intended. In its place there arose Mohammedanism — Mohammed and his teaching. Islam came in the place of what had been intended to go forth from the Academy of Jundi-Shapur."

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Re: Trinity in the Qur'an?


Post by Philip » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:25 am

Thing is, from its inception, Islam was complexly woven into to politics and the pursuits of conquest and domination, and so the supposed spiritual was instantly a useful tool to support such things. Of course, those political factions within Islam, the grandsons of Muhammad, arguments over who the correct caliph was, immediately seeded the Sunni Shia divide that has consumed vast numbers with hatred, murder and mayhem, that continues to this very day.
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