Galatians 5

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Re: Galatians 5


Post by bbyrd009 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:22 pm

Storyteller wrote:
bbyrd009 wrote:mmmkay well, going to the Nursing Home speaks louder than words...
Storyteller wrote:
B. W. wrote:Next to add to what Jac shared...

But first....

Question: what comes to mind when you hears the words: The Ten Commandments? --note Deut 10:4

What does the word commandment mean to you?
I'm shaky on what the ten are, I would have to look them up but I remember reading somewhere (quite possibly in Galatians) that all of the commandments can be summed up with love thy neighbour.

Regarding the comment made by bbyrd (?) that we are still under the law, how? I thiught that was prett much why God sent Christ, to free us from the law, replacing it with His grace.

The more I read and pray, the more I think I am being guided by the HS. Just a thought... presumably before Christ, no one was filled with the HS? Am I right in thinking the HS was sent so that we would never be alone?

Commandment, to me, means something that should be followed. Always following it is a different thing though.
i did not mean to imply that you were still under the Law, as a Christian; as an American, maybe, but not as a Christian. This does not release one from fulfilling the Law though; which i agree Love Your Neighbor fulfills, while of course suggesting...quite a bit more. Naturally someone acting out of Agape will not be breaking the Law, and the Law should cease to even be a focal point, in a way, once one has internalized it; after all, once you get a procedure down, say, you don't keep reviewing all the ways that you could do it wrong, do you? No. And are you maybe going to still miss the mark on occasion? Sure. It happens. Are you able to recognize that, when it happens, are you sensitive to when you maybe hurt someone else, and able to offer a simple apology, and be open to making amends? Or do you turn it into some huge emo religious repentance thing--when an apology would do fine?
I'm not under the law as an American either, I'm a Brit :mrgreen:

I struggle daily with missing the mark, there is plenty I do, or say, every day that misses that mark, and yes, if I recognise it, I apologise, not only to the party involved but to God and myself. I am actually pretty hard on myself, I see my faults and transgressions way easier than anything else I see. I cry out to be good, knowing I can't, not yet. I strive every hour to be more Christ like, less "me" or at least less my sinning self.
As for the whole religion thing, I'm still not sure I class myself as religious, I don't go to church (this forum is more of a church and I prefer churches when they're empty. I find God in my heart, not a building)
As a kid when I was asked what I wanted to be I would say Like Christ, even as a kid I knew, felt, that the life of Christ, his conduct, his heart, was the way I wanted to live.
I talk to God, pray to God all the time, seek his guidance and when I repent it is to, and for God.
ah, well, i don't know about British Law; we are under Admiralty Law here, wherein even if there is no complaint filed, the law takes it upon itself, now, to administer "justice." Iow, turning the other cheek is against the law here. And, in that vein, i repent to those whom i have wronged, when i sin, and ask forgiveness from them, apologize to them, etc. Meaning, i would be careful not to fall into the religious trap of asking God for forgiveness of a sin when a human apology is implied; and, if there is no one to apologize to, reflect upon whether there is anything to apologize for, iow. Some people love to repent iow, and stress the "penance" part, a religious thing. This comes from a warped impression of hell, as a place to be feared in the after-life.
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Re: Galatians 5


Post by crochet1949 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:15 pm

"009" - regarding your response to the Ten Commandments -- in Exodus 20. The passage you referred to in New Testament -- we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbor as ourselves. So, yes, the 10 Commandments are all wrapped up that newest commandment. When we love someone with our whole being -- it Will make a positive impact on our lives and those around us. Obeying God will be Natural. But we still have the flesh to deal with -- so 'if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.'

How about THIS -- when we 'sin' it Is against God -- and whomever else has been affected. And maybe an apology to another person Is needed. A person runs a red light -- sins/ breaks a law / gets stopped by the police / gets fined and pays it. An apology to the police officer? probably. It would probably shock the officer. If in the process of running the red light, the person crashes into another car -- apologizing to the other driver for causing a fender bender Or putting someone in the Hospital Or killing them.

You mention 'a warped impression of hell' -- as a place to be Feared in the after-life. The various references give a person plenty of reason To fear it.

Your comments -- obviously you're Not a believer -- at least not a born-again one. You Do have a lot of 'beliefs' -- but not especially based on Scripture.

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