Relationship of Sin and Death

General discussions about Christianity including salvation, heaven and hell, Christian history and so on.
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Re: Relationship of Sin and Death


Post by Kurieuo » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:07 pm

As I just mentioned to Patrick, I've updated two posts above. To a much lesser extent The “Natural Theology” of Death - Part 3, however I kind of accidentally re-wrote my response entirely to Nicki which could now be considered the next part: The “Natural Theology” of Death - Part 3b (as I wasn't happy with my first response).

I'll need to review my notes a couple years back now, and see if there's more I wanted to add.
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Re: Relationship of Sin and Death


Post by patrick » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:45 pm

I was fairly busy at the time of this update, what with moving back to my hometown and all, so I've just now gotten to really read this.

Basically, what I like most about atemporal interpretation of the consequence of sin is that it also fits with the consequence of the knowledge of good and evil. One might wonder why it is that animals suffer death as a consequence of human sin, and yet an animal has no concept of the future, so death does not exist to them. One moment they exist, the next moment they are born again. That death was a series of moments between this and that matters little (only in a social sense, e.g. other members of a pack dying, and indirectly through pain). But to one with a knowledge of good and evil, eternal death is a possible fate, thus death is revealed unto consciousness as part of such knowledge. It always existed, but was only made relevant to those who chose sin.

At any rate, I very much appreciate what you've written here, as it greatly simplifies the problem I've been having of how to interpret the Bible (which I've been able to get to a lot more of lately thanks to audiobooks). That death can be thought of as a single type even with an OEC perspective is something I'd not previously considered, and as much as I respect Jac for his stance as YEC, I've never been able to get behind rejecting the authority of scientific findings on the grounds that they conflict with a higher authority.
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