Jonathan Edwards on the Trinity

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Jonathan Edwards on the Trinity


Post by DBowling » Tue Jun 01, 2021 7:47 am

I read Essay on the Trinity by Jonathan Edwards for the first time a number of years ago when I was in High School.

Essay on the Trinity is around 10 pages long, but it has had a lasting and profound impact on my understanding of the Trinity and the nature of God.
Here is a link ... e%20Tr.pdf

Edwards believed that in addition to being an accurate Scriptural representation of God...
“it is within the reach of naked reason to perceive certainly that there are three distinct in God.”
And this I suppose to be that blessed Trinity that we read of in the holy Scriptures. The Father is the Deity subsisting in the prime, unoriginated and most absolute manner, or the Deity in its direct existence. The Son is the Deity generated by God’s understanding, or having an idea of himself, and subsisting in that idea. The Holy Ghost is the Deity subsisting in act or the divine essence flowing out and breathed forth, in God’s infinite love to and delight in himself. And I believe the whole divine essence does truly and distinctly subsist both in the divine idea and divine love, and that therefore each of them are properly distinct persons.
Here are a couple of short clips where John Piper briefly describes Edward's understanding of the Trinity and its implications for God's image bearers.

Jonathan Edward's View of Trinity and Its Implication (John Piper)

The Trinity in Two Minutes ... wo-minutes

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