Emmaus Biblical Training Center

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Re: Emmaus Biblical Training Center


Post by Jac3510 » Sat May 07, 2016 8:02 pm


Officially in pre-launch. Classes are now AVAILABLE.

Foundations for Christian Ministry
* Basics of Biblical Interpretation (Tony Guthrie)
* Old Testament Survey (Chris Morrison)
* New Testament Survey (Chris Morrison)
* Survey of Basic Theology (Chris Morrison)
* Beginning the Spiritual Life (Tony Guthrie)

Biblical Teaching
* Christian Rhetoric (Tony Guthrie)
* Introduction to Expository Preaching I (Tony Guthrie)
* Introduction to Expository Preaching II (Tony Guthrie)
* Sermon Delivery (Tony Guthrie)

* Introduction to Apologetics (Chris Morrison)
* Introduction to Ethics (Chris Morrison)
* Introduction to Philosophy (Chris Morrison)
* The Problem of Evil (Chris Morrison)
* The Resurrection of Jesus (Chris Morrison)
* Introduction to Logic (Chris Morrison)


On pricing and special offers
1. During pre-launch, courses are $25. After launch, they will be a regular price of $55.
2. You can register for as many classes as you like at the pre-launch price. There is no need to even start the course before June 1 to take advantage of the pre-launch price.
3. If anyone signs up for four classes, we'll give them a fifth for free. This is basically an incentive to get people to register for the entire foundational certificate up front and save $25 (so you'd spend $100 rather than $275 as of next month). Full disclosure, we will probably continue this offer or something similar to it into perpetuity.
4. If you refer anyone and they register for a class, we will give you a free class of your choice.
5. We cannot offer refunds. Because the moment you sign up you have access to the entire course, it would be too easy for someone to sign up, download all the material, and immediately request a refund. In short, all purchases are final!

On pre-launch quality
1. The courses that you may sign up for have 100% of all instructional material uploaded. That means ALL video lectures, ALL assigned readings, etc. Some of them, however, are still missing some quizzes. These are being added daily, and I expect they will be 100% completed within the next few days.
2. We still need to brand the Moodle server, so while the courses look pretty good right now (in our opinion), expect a significant upgrade in the look and feel around June 1.

On course-availability
1. You can self-register by clicking any of the titles above. As soon as you pay (via PayPal) you will have instant access to the course.
2. Registering will require you to create a username and password. That process is self-explanatory. You can do so by clicking the above links or by clicking here
3. The courses that are NOT hyperlinked are still in development. Some are very close to being finished (i.e., Sermon Delivery, Intro to Apologetics). Others are earlier in the process, but all of them are being actively worked on.

On future courses and staff
1. We have three other faculty members who have agreed to come on board (one PhD, one MA/AbD, and one MDiv).
2. With the addition of these new faculty members, we are expecting to begin working diligently on a range of book studies (e.g., Genesis, James, Romans, etc.) as well as several focusing on NT Studies (e.g., Life of Christ, Christology, etc.).
3. If there are any courses that you are particularly interested in, please let me know.

Thanks all for your interest! Will definitely have more updates soon! :)
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