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Elaborers.com - Ministry Training Center


Post by ageofknowledge » Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:20 am

100% free evangelism training.

"All on-line courses and on-line materials are free as our ministry is dedicated to reaching the world for Christ. We have nothing to sell and nothing to join. Simply help us by participating in the greatest harvest of souls for Christ that this world has even seen.

elaborers.com provides a certificate based training program for Nursing Home Ministry, Hospital Vistation Ministry, Follow-up Ministry, Principles of Sharing Christ, Homeless Ministry, and Street Evangelism Ministry."

Non-accredited but for those who are looking for content this works well. I just finished the Street Evangelism Training and it was a good introduction to street ministry. They have lots of free downloads for students who complete the course including a PowerPoint that takes you through sharing Christ in all situations, followup form, tracts, messages, etc... They even have a sign up sheet and a team pamphlet so you can be the leader and take your friends out to do witnessing. All free.

All-in-all a nicely done way to learn what you need to learn and then get into street evangelism and witnessing using their free training and free materials. Enjoy.

Oh, if you have a few extra dollars you can get very nice modern tracts from One Million Tracts http://onemilliontracts.com/index.html and yes you can pay PayPal which is nice.

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