Beyond Belief to Convictions

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Beyond Belief to Convictions


Post by For_Narniaaa » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:22 am

My dad recently recommended Josh McDowell's Beyond Belief to Convctions, and I've been very impressed so far. It does deal with a lot of evidence for Christianity (i.e., empty tomb speculations, prophecies fulfilled...) which is a lot like his book Evidence that Demands a Verdict. At least, that's what I've heard, having never read the latter.

Anyway, BBTC, while having similar things from McDowell's other book, deals more with an attack on postermodernism. I highly recommend it to parents of teenagers, or youth pastors, or teenagers who want to educate themselves, because postmodernism is a big problem, and weakly-convicted teenage Christians easily fall into it. So while Evidence that Demans a Verdict seems to just present a case for Christianity, Beyond Belief to Convctions is about the importance of firmly convicting this generation's youth so that they remains strong in today's culture.

Here's the CBD link: ... iew=covers

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