40 Evidences Proving The Existence Of The Greatest Creator

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Re: 40 Evidences Proving The Existence Of The Greatest Creator


Post by ivysunday » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:33 pm

Philip wrote:
Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:41 pm
Once again, Ivy failed to answer HOW he knows what he asserts to be true about the "greatest creator" actually is? He's merely parroting mysticism sources that babble contradictions of New Age nonsense that he has absolutely no understanding of, much less how it could be true. Because all he has are the mere assertions of what others have said and written - and THAT is not an answer as to why anyone else should believe it. Worse - FAR worse - he attempts to use the words of Jesus to convince that He didn't consider Himself God, when that is one of the fundamental teachings of the Bible, that vast millions of Christians believe. And he doesn't even realize that his poor choices and disingenuous uses of Scripture have not refuted that, and that they actually show his great ignorance of the Bible and Christianity. It's sad that he obviously believes what he does only based upon wild claims and assertions of others that he can't possibly personally confirm or know if they are true - as he has not sources that make this possible.

Also notice that he references "the teachings and guidance offered by Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, the Celestial Lao Tze, the prophet Mohammed, and generations of sages and saints." Quite interesting that the teachings of those he lists are not even close to being in agreement as to what they taught and said. A thing or assertion can't be or mean one thing and also mean the exact opposite. Yes cannot be the same as no. Black is not white. Etc. Except via the logic of mysticism. This means nothing asserted by mystics or New Ageists can truly be examined for truth - not of truth has no definition, beginning, end, or massive contradictions in what it asserts. As there is no ultimate or discernible meaning or logic that can be followed with your assertions, they have merely become a blended, indecipherable slush - which you have convinced yourself is true, even thought you can't say or show why, nor can you give anyone the slightest idea why they should believe this hodgepodge of nonsensical mysticism.

OK, Ivy, your mystical show is over! You will not be allowed to come on this forum and misrepresent the words and teachings of Jesus Christ. Nor will you be allowed to continue proselytizing your mystical beliefs. You've exposed yourself and have failed to answer key questions over how you know what you say is true, or how anyone else could either. If you'd like to learn about Christianity and Christ - fine. If you have questions: Great. But the rest of what you've tried to bring belief to will not be allowed to continue being expressed on this forum! You have been warned! Comprehend?
IvySunday: Ok, as you wish, i will leave here. Maybe you are afraid that somthing wrong with what you belived for so long. Not because Jesus said somthing wrong, but you misunderstand his words. Don't think because millions of people think it is right then it is right. The earth is flat was belived by so many people in ancient times.
I will post the last article. If you are open enough, don't delete it, give others a chance to hear difference voices.

Ivy, you are banned for a considerable period because you immediately did what you were just warned about - spewing false things about God, Jesus and the Bible - and pushing your pagan mysticism and New Age beliefs. You obviously cannot, after numerous requests, explain why you believe as you do. And clearly, you only believe it because that's what you've been told or read - a very dangerous way to determine truth about things you have no way of knowing about! You also show an obvious lack of knowledge about what the Bible teaches by asserting false things about it that are easily refuted. I will not go line by line, but suffice it to say that if you are serious about finding out what the Bible teaches, there are many good articles on this site - you can read but will have your posting rights banned. Around here, we do not determine important truths via feelings or just because someone wrote them in a book believed by many. You are right, in that, the numbers of people believing something do not make it true. But this appears to be exactly what you, yourself have done. If you come back and post more of your same anti-Christian / anti-Bible agenda and pagan beliefs, then you will be permanently banned. All you have done is made assertions without facts or any reason to believe them. And you've lied about the teachings of the Bible. These are not allowed here! Those here to learn, ask questions, and not merely here to argue against the Bible or Christ are more than welcome. Otherwise...

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Re: 40 Evidences Proving The Existence Of The Greatest Creator


Post by Philip » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:23 pm

Ivy disregarded the warning above - he has now been permanently banned.

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