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Re: Hypocrisy


Post by Philip » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:48 am

Ed: A few bad actors on the left demonized the police in general, and then a few bad actors in the world of conservative punditry used that to demonize everyone who tried to call attention to police misconduct. Most Americans respect the police, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum. Hannity, Limbaugh, and Coulter are lying, as usual.
Ed, that obviously depends upon where you live. Where ever there are minorities surrounding by some majority of a much larger population - the sins of a much smaller percentage within that majority, will be widely associated with the rest of that majority, by the minorities within. It's a question of numbers and perceptions. Of COURSE minorities receive more negativity, because of the vast disparity between numbers of the majority as opposed to the minority. But the bad behaviors themselves, as a PERCENTAGE, tend to break down identically, no matter what group, race, etc - that's human nature. And if the majority were instantly swapped out with the former minority, with the numbers within them also being inverted, you'd see the new, former minority/new majority, harass and intimidate the new minority/former majority in very similar numbers. I experienced this for four years when I became a tiny minority the last two years of high school - I was constantly threated, was attacked by a gang, people tried to constantly intimidate me or make me fearful. And I saw the same stuff dished out in the years before, when VERY few minorities attended my mostly homogeneous school. However, other members of that majority protected me at key times. Humans, as people, are all the same, no matter the group, race, etc.

Ed, you just further made my case - yep, people on the right demonized people of color or on the left that DID have some legitimate gripes about whatever treatment. I see the black lives marchers and realize that there ARE many things they are upset at that I am as well. But there are tactics going on that I see hugely divisive. And every large group has their militant fringe - those that bring anger at the entire group - this is true of all political types. But my point is that ALL humans tend to do this. There is NO category of people that don't - not Christians, Jews, Muslims, Left, Right, whatever race - they all scapegoat, generalize and stereotype beyond the guilty parties. If you ever think I see things per neat categories of people and bad behaviors - you don't know me.

Of COURSE the people you mentioned utilize this technique, because they only see things through a political lens, or how they can manipulate people through their own politics, by mixing some truth with distortions - hoping to build anger into political action. And their fame and money is based upon their antics. But God calls all people to be fair and not mistreat others.

I am always very wary of people who are very selective in the groups they apply their reasoning to - especially when they are unwilling to condemn the same behaviors in people they most self-identify with. And this is a universal problem - people are so often just playing to their own demographic - whether it's political, religious, nationalism, their own gender, sexual preferences - so they become selective in their criticism and apply it beyond the appropriate targets. And this is why we remain divided and there is so much anger. Sometimes, there ARE groups - even large ones - that can be fairly criticized in a general way. But even then, there are important nuances. But for those using selective strategies and demonizing people - NUANCES are inconvenient - don't fit their easy/peasy narrative.

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Re: Hypocrisy


Post by PaulSacramento » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:02 am

Blessed wrote:
Nessa wrote:Saw this on facebook..

The real hypocrisy is someone pointing out anothers deflection by deflecting themselves

Yea but some sins are way worse than other sins :scratchinghead:
True, BUT it should be noted the most of the sins that get the most press are NOT those.
Blasphemy of the HS is the biggest and yet, no one cares.
Adultery is one of the "big 10", but no one cares.
Gossip and taking bad about people is such a bad one that James makes special note of it and yet...

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