Science forum?

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Science forum?


Post by Ngakunui » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:23 am

Forgive me if I'm not at liberty to make suggestions, but I think that since we already have a (sub)forum about relations to God with Science, and boatloads of forums dealing with just Christianity and God, that maybe, since this website is called "God and Science", that we could have a forum for discussing things of simply scientific merit?

I mean, I understand this website is largely meant as an "apologetics" site, and more importantly one to discuss what relations Science might have with God and Christianity, but if you want to further how much more scientific knowledge and data the members have, and can weigh their beliefs with, it doesn't hurt to have a forum on this board dedicated to mostly scientific discussion.

Sure, discussing an eight-million year old asteroid isn't directly related to God, but it does make people think. It's food for thought. The more people know about science instead of just how it relates to their faith, the more ground they have for believing in it. If someone wants to discuss something like what DNA does from a strictly neutral scientific point of view, it helps if somebody is later confronted by a secular humanist or something that otherwise knows far more about the manner.

Now, I'm not saying It would substitute education of any field of science, but it would help people learn more about what they're talking about instead of just copy/pasting something from an apologetics website- that's not to say the articles on the main page aren't helpful; they certainly helped me a lot, but the layman is not a man of science, and being able to ask a question about a science outside of the context of how it directly relates to God could help anyone when trying to argue his beliefs are rational.

This is just my suggestion, however. The reason I am posting this in the General Chit-Chat forum, in absence of a suggestions forum or topic, is because I believe such a suggestion should be public, as forums are public, and I believe people here ought to discuss such a thing beforehand if interested.

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