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Re: Please Introduce Yourself Here


Post by DavidHenson » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:03 am

Hello everyone,

I'm David Henson. I was an atheist until at the age of 27 I picked up a Bible and began to study. Since I was a kid I had been an avid reader and had taken the books left to my mother by the Watchtower, unread, from the back of the closet and the trash to my own collection, but had never gotten around to reading them. So, though I don't agree with all of their teachings, I do agree with the majority of their primary beliefs. Though, there is no originality in the study of a thousands year old text. The main accomplishment of the Jehovah's Witnesses has been their gradual removal of pagan influence.

I hope we have the opportunity to have many informed discussions and debates.


David Henson

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