My Psychic/Spirit theory(Poll included, read before voting)

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What do you think about psychic abilities?

Power! Mine! All mine! Mwahahahaha!
It's possible, but very rare and nearly impossible to voluntarily develop.
It is a gift from God given to a select few individuals.
I don't believe in such things.
I want my ten minutes back.
Psychics? Buddhists? Superpowers? Heresy! Burn in hell! Hssssssssss...
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Post by Battlehelmet » Thu Apr 14, 2005 7:22 pm

Felgar wrote: With regards to ouija boards, etc. do you not think it's possible that Satan controls these for the purpose of deception?

The Biblical Satan is is described as a master counterfeiter,making something look or giving a disguise of being good or holy when Satan is the opposite or the father of lies.

Oujia boards and spiritual medium consultants and so called "physics" are just relying on thier own imaginations and imaginative conclusions. It's BS.
For psychics, really if Satan is speaking to them they would be entirely capable of knowing anything in the past really. Might that not be an effective way to lead people who are naturally "mystical/religious" away from the truth?

Yes..and Yes.
There are numerous reports of people who have actually had a ouija board working, and had it go beserk when they finally asked it, "Who is Jesus?" It happenned to my mom actually. Personally I think Satan uses things like that as an opportunity to influence people... And spiritual matters of the like should NOT be triffled with.

Which is why we have Jesus.

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