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Post by BGoodForGoodSake » Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:16 pm

AttentionKMartShoppers wrote:
BGoodForGoodSake wrote:
Jay_7 wrote:How do you know its real and not all tv tricks? The people around him were probably actors and paid to pretend it was real.
No, he's a real street performer.
There's some tricks you will never figure out. Makes it almost seem like magic really does exist.


I can get a cigarette to levitate from it's box into my mouth.
You can do that just because you suck

Let me know if you want to learn some tricks, send me a PM

I got
mental spoon bending
levitating cards
King levitation
Paper transfer ashes.
and a few more cool ones.
It is not length of life, but depth of life. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Post by AttentionKMartShoppers » Fri Jan 06, 2006 4:40 pm

special thread in the garbage bin
"My actions prove that God takes care of idiots."

He occasionally stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.
- On Stanley Baldwin

-Winston Churchill

An atheist can't find God for the same reason a criminal can't find a police officer.

You need to start asking out girls so that you can get used to the rejections.

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Post by SUGAAAAA » Sun Oct 15, 2006 9:59 pm

Interesting... I just happen to be in a trick-learning kind of mood right now Bgood 8)
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