The Equality Act - What it would mean for Christians

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The Equality Act - What it would mean for Christians


Post by Philip » Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:02 am ... ere-d.html

"Equality Act is widely supported by the Democratic political candidates for president."

Seems if everyone gets ALL they want, there clearly will be winners and losers. But the scary part is the potential that those of Christian beliefs could be criminalized.

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Re: The Equality Act - What it would mean for Christians


Post by Stu » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:09 am

I found these comments particularly interesting.

While Warren’s quip lit up social media, another candidate delivered the biggest surprise in giving voice to what many perceived to be the trajectory of religious liberty debates, long left unsaid by other Democrats. Facing a question over the tax exempt status of churches, Beto O'Rourke asserted that not only churches but any organization that opposed same-sex marriage, should lose their tax exemption.

I tweeted a link to the Beto video and this comment:

2009: How is my gay marriage going to hurt you? We just want marriage equality.

2019: We want the tax exempt status of the churches, charities, and colleges revoked for your failure to change your views on gay marriage.

In 2009, the mantra was “We just want our marriage equity. We just want to be able to let love be love.” Ten years later, the goal posts have moved for many: affirm the new orthodoxy on same sex marriage—or lose tax exempt status. This is quite a striking position, considering all the institutions he mentioned (churches, charities, and colleges). That’s your religious hospital, the orphanage, the homeless shelter, and more.

Back in the day there were protests about how the gay community were being unfairly treated and now the gay community is doing everything they protested against to the religious community! Oh the irony. When in power.....
Only when the blood runs and the shackles restrain, will the sheep then awake. When all is lost.

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