Science Fiction Story

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Science Fiction Story


Post by Ngakunui » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:21 am

I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong category, or if this even belongs here, but I've recently been writing draft after draft for this science fiction story, and I've yet to write it in any particularly godly way or anything I find to be particularly... fitting for Christian audiences.

Basically what happens in the fictional setting is about two-hundred-and-fifty years from now in a really-close-to-the-apocalypse time. Crazy universalist near-global government has control over nearly everything;notably subconscious and involuntary functions of its citizens, and the story follows members of numerously outnumbered "seditions"(independent nations) located on remote islands that were left behind after Pangaea gets reassembled very close to the northern pole from artificial means.

The morals of the plot are about hope in an environment of complete despair and in which decent, honest people are constantly being assimilated into, what you might call "the world system" through more or less subliminal means. While the morals the main protagonists convey are that of integrity, self governance and distinguishment(in other words, being set apart and godly)...the antagonists of this; "The Masses", being the population-controlled inhabitants of "the world"(actually "Pangaea", but they're over 99% of Earth's populace) can really only relate to animals in terms of sophistication, and really only serve the function of livestock of their own collective, if that makes sense. The thing is, just about anyone who is not part of "the masses" requires the use of advanced prosthesis for some organs, as those who aren't part of "the system" either lack certain vital organs, or inherited aspects of "genetic homogenization" of Pangaea's second generation which makes them directly controllable through "remote influence" if not treated before birth.

Overall, the story is very sad. It's inspired greatly by various things I've read in the Bible (especially the Old Testament) in hopes of making it more believable and realistic while presentable as epic(in the non-hilarious context). The main two characters, while not pure or anything are generally relateable to by most same people. Against this, the one main antagonist of the story is revered by her people as a "God-Empress" , and is very much "an antichrist" but not the one... Oh, and I forgot to mention; yes I've also taken a bit of inspiration from Revelations.

ANYWAY, my main thing I want to say is that although I've developed the characters and setting a great deal, I've yet to actually write down a good sketch of what I want the story to be like overall. My main problem is I come up with too many ideas at once without properly dividing them, thus causing them to crash into one another. I'm guessing this was from my first experience in literature being in text-based role-playing-games where such is expected. It's like all I can do is get a solid concept nailed down, and find myself unable to fill it in.

But really, If any of you have any advice, I could honestly use the help. I might end up as a concept artist or something some day.

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Re: Science Fiction Story


Post by cslewislover » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:48 pm

There's this series of how-to write books that I know of, called Teach Yourself. They discuss the background info and how to do things in each chapter, then give an exercise for practicing it. I found the couple I have at Borders, in the reference section--writing and publishing subsection. You might check these and other books out there.
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