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Post by SourceofLiFe » Sun Dec 19, 2004 8:54 am

The fear comes from the environment.

The image of God was constantly changed by darkness to prevent people from accessing our loving Lord.

You may think that our Lord is cruel for certain actions, that is because you do not understand our Lord.

Most people don't, only Jesus Christ, the son of God Almighty - creator of the Universe will understand his Farther fully and truthfully.

That is why you should try and understand God through Jesus Christ.

God understand us human beings better than we understand ourselves.

It is not a question, it is a fact.

Because of his deep understanding and superior power, he is the creator of everything. We cannot comprehend his action, yet alone question his action when God is the SourceofLiFe and the roots of everything.

That however does not include evil, because the roots of all bad things were shaped by darkness. Constantly modified to disrupt peace and prosperity.

Science is actively and engagingly trying to understand God's creation.

If we can't comprehend God's creation, there is no way we can comprehend God's higher standard of creation. If we don't understand his creation, how can we judge his action?

We just have to trust in him by finding out what type of personality and moral conduct he values. We seek for the answer through Jesus Christ, as Christ illustrate what God values.

From knowing that Jesus Christ is loving and to see Jesus Christ's conduct and positive impact, pay attention to Jesus Christ's unconditioned love toward his Farther, the God that created the Universe.

If Jesus Christ, such a great character loves God so much, it's clear that we cannot comprehend God because God's loving is so great that it is beyond our normal perception capabilities.

I hope that offer insight to help you.

May God be with you at all times.

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Post by Anonymous » Sun Jan 16, 2005 9:32 pm

Thank you for the time and effort youve invested in writing your reply. I truly appreciate it.

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